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What is XML?

XML is a markup language that is intended to store information. It is prevalently utilized for the exchange of information. It is case touchy. XML offers you to characterize markup components and produce redid markup language. The fundamental unit in the XML is known as a component. Expansion of XML document is .xml

What is HTML?

HTML is the markup language that assists you with making and configuring web content. It has different tags and traits for characterizing the design and construction of the web archive. Showing information in an organized manner is planned. A HTML record has the expansion .htm or .html.

You can alter HTML code is any fundamental code manager, even a scratch pad. The altered code can be executed in any program. Programs render the labels utilized and present the substance you need to show regardless of applied arranging.

What is the difference between XML and HTML?

The critical distinction between XML and HTML is that XML is a structure for indicating markup dialects (stores and moves information). Conversely, HTML is a predefined markup language (depicts the design of a site page).


XML is shortening for extensible Markup Language through HTML represents Hypertext Markup Language.

XML basically centers around the move of information while HTML is centered around the show of the information.

XML is content driven though HTML is design driven.

XML is Case delicate while HTML is Case heartless.

XML gives namespaces support while HTML doesn't give namespaces support.

XML is severe for shutting tags while HTML isn't severe.

XML labels are extensible through HTML has restricted labels.

XML labels are not predefined though HTML has predefined labels.

Elements of XML

XML labels are not predefined. You really want to characterize your redid labels.

XML was intended to convey information, not to show that information.

Increasing the code of XML is straightforward for a human.

Very much organized design is not difficult to peruse and compose from programs.

XML is an extensible markup language like HTML.

Elements of HTML

It is a straightforward language that upholds the composing of website pages.

Sufficiently rich to offer help for sight and sound implanting in reports

Sufficiently adaptable to help hypertext connecting