why super 100 exam is so much wish for Students

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why super 100 exam is so much wish for Students

First and foremost need to associate the authority site · On the landing page search the connection of Super 100 Result · Then fill your required ask Name and Roll Number. Haryana Super 100 Result 2024-25 Release Date: We will share different insights about the Super 100 Result 2024-25 through this article today. Consequently, that large number of competitors who have showed up for the assessment and are standing by anxiously for their outcomes should peruse this full article without avoiding any satisfied. 


Super 100 Schemes

To plan understudies for serious tests, Directorate of School Education has chosen to begin the enlistment cycle for its free private instructing — Super-100 program — for exemplary understudies on Friday. While the training division is yet to conclude regardless of whether the instructing project will be moved on the web, the division will direct an internet based entrance trial of the qualified understudies on August 23 and 24.
In an as of late given request, the directorate has taught all locale training officials state in regards to online enrollment and evaluating trial of understudies for the 2020-2024-25 meeting under Super-100 program. The web-based enrollment for the Super-100 will begin from August 13.

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Best opportunity For Student Life

The Super 100 plan has been arranged by the Haryana government. The fundamental objective of this plan is exemplary understudies who have passed the tenth norm. The primary motivation behind the plan is to give free instructing project to understudies so they can get ready for JEE, IIT and NEET cutthroat tests. Moreover, the plan will likewise offer a boarding office to understudies. Some qualification standards have likewise been set up by the public authority for the plan. Peruse on to find out about subtleties of the plan and understudies qualification.

Haryana Super 100 Overview

Haryana Super 100 Level 2 Admit Card 2024-25 will be made available through the authority site. Applicants who mean to take the Haryana Super 100 Exam 2024-25 can now get their concede cards. Applicants can utilize the immediate connections to download their Super 100 Admit Card 2024-25. Other data, for example, the scorecard, cut off, and merit list, is likewise accessible on the commission's site.

Obviously, numerous candidates have enlisted for the Haryana Super 100 Scheme Exam 2024-25. The Haryana Government will hold the Super 100 Exam 2024-25 for those up-and-comers. The concede cards incorporate all test guidelines and subtleties. Applicants should completely concentrate on it and comply with all test rules. Section into the test lobby without a confirmation card/corridor ticket is completely restricted.

The Super 100 plan
The Super 100 plan has been sent off by the Haryana government, holding back nothing understudies of the state.Under this, understudies will be given free instructing offices while getting ready for JEE and NEET tests. Be that as it may, simply 225 understudies having a place with government schools are qualified for conspire benefits for quite a long time.

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Very 100 plan highlights

Free boarding and housing offices will be proposed to understudies.
The understudies will be given voyaging offices that will be given once at regular intervals.
The housing office guarantees that understudies can remain in a specific school and they go to customary training classes to prepare for future examinations.
To send the plan in a reasonable manner, the state training division has presented a few offices for understudies. Likewise, for powerful execution of the plan, region level training officials have been named alongside government school chiefs who will take care of the appropriate execution of the plan.
The higher specialists are further of the assessment that the public authority schools ought to advise guardians regarding understudies getting over 80% imprints.
School authority give concede card to all the eligibile understudies before tenth of June.
Government is likewise intending to set up a direction program all through Haryana to make the two understudies and guardians mindful of offices of the plan that have been organized by the state instruction division.
The spending plan designated for this very 100 plan will be close to about rupees 1 crore. The public authority will additionally guarantee that the plan has been executed effectively.

Very 100 Eligibility measures

Marks necessity - The plan is just implied for exemplary understudies. In this way, understudies scoring 80% imprints in tenth standard are qualified to get the offices of the plan.

Office to young men and young ladies - The plan can be profited both by young ladies and young men who secure the above-said marks. Consequently, the plan office can be profited just based on merit.

How might the plan be carried out?

Selection test - After clearing the selection test, in excess of 100 understudies will be chosen relying upon the outcome. The qualified up-and-comers can profit the offices of Super 100 plan.

School subtleties - Out of a sum of 225 understudies, 125 will get confirmation in government school of Rewari. Here, understudies can finish reads up for class eleventh and twelfth. The other 100 understudies out of 225 will get admission to a school in Karnal.

Preparing period subtleties -

After the determination interaction, up-and-comers will be given preparation for a long time who are intending to show up for JEE,

IIT and NEET placement test. The preparation will be given liberated from cost.

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Very 100 Scheme Selection Process

The Haryana state government has chosen nodal officials from arithmetic and science foundation who can help the understudies who will enlist under the plan
The nodal officials are answerable for reaching out to the praiseworthy understudies who can understand quick and have gotten above 80% imprints in their last test

The nodal official will communicate with the understudies to get the necessary data and assist them with realizing about the plan advantages and how to enroll under it. The officials will likewise assist understudies with the moves toward settle on web-based tests.
The understudies will be helped by nodal officials to visit the test communities.

Step by step instructions to apply for Super 100 plan Haryana Online -

The Haryana government has delivered a web-based Google structure for the plan. The understudies can apply through it utilizing the right connection. Here, the applicants need to embed individual data and afterward submit it. Through fruitful execution of the plan, the state government is attempting to offer the best instruction offices to the commendable understudies. By the methodology of determination, the specialists need to guarantee the meriting ones get to profit of the plan benefits. For the understudies who can't seek after higher investigations because of monetary issues, this plan will help them.

Download Admit Card -

In this way, the Haryana state government is anticipating the fruitful execution of the above-said conspire. This will be of gigantic assistance for commendable understudies as they can get the best instructive offices and seek after their profession. Thus, monetary boundaries won't impede in the vocation progress of understudies through the offices presented by the plan.

Haryana Super 100 Admit Card 2024-25

The Super 100 Scheme is one of the effective projects executed by the Haryana Government to help understudies. They had taken the Level 1 test and had recently seen their outcomes. The Haryana Government has now distributed the Super 100 Level 2 Admit Card on its true site. The plan's fundamental objective was to give applicants training to assist them with getting ready for the Entrance Examination. Applicants who are searching for the Haryana Level 2 Super 100 Admit Card can track down it in the part underneath.

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Rules For Super 100 Admit Card 2024-25

The entire assessment, candidates should bring an actual duplicate (print out) of their Admit Card.

Candidates ought to mindfully concentrate on the directions given on the concede card and be at the test place on time.

Candidates should give a variety identification measured photo as well as their confirmation card.

The data on the Haryana Super 100 Admit Card (Name, Father's Name, Date of Birth, Address, and so forth) should match the data on your character evidence.

How To Download Haryana Super 100 Level 2 Admit Card 2024-25?

Most importantly, go to the authority site, www.haryanasuper100.com.

The landing page will presently show up on your PC or cell phone.

Go to the ongoing update area or snap the Haryana Super 100 Level 2 Admit Card 2024-25 connection from here.

Another page will currently show up on your screen.

Competitors should give their Login Details, for example, their enrollment number and date of birth, here.

Very 100 Students List

The public authority has posted the rundown of chosen understudies during the current year on the web; every one of the individuals who applied can confirm the result by visiting the authority site and realizing whether their name is on the rundown. We have incorporated an immediate connection beneath with the goal that you might really look at your name or get more data by visiting the authority site.

The "Super 100" exam is highly sought after by students for various reasons. This examination holds great significance due to its unique features, benefits, and potential opportunities it offers to students. In this essay, we will explore why the "Super 100" exam is so much wished for by students.

The "Super 100" exam is a competitive and prestigious examination conducted annually by a renowned educational institution. It aims to select the top 100 students from a vast pool of applicants based on their performance in the examination. The main reasons why this exam is highly desired by students are as follows:

1.     Elite Selection: The "Super 100" exam offers the opportunity to be part of an elite group of students who are recognized as the best among their peers. Being selected in the top 100 signifies academic excellence and distinguishes them from others.

2.     Scholarships and Rewards: Students who make it to the "Super 100" list often receive generous scholarships and rewards. These incentives not only motivate students to excel but also help ease the financial burden of higher education.

3.     Prestigious Institutions: Many prestigious educational institutions and universities offer admissions and preferences to the "Super 100" students. This provides them with a chance to secure seats in top-ranking colleges and programs, which can significantly shape their future careers.

4.     Mentorship and Guidance: The students who crack the "Super 100" exam are often provided with mentorship and guidance from experienced teachers and professionals. This personalized attention can help them further enhance their skills and knowledge.

5.     Exposure and Networking: The "Super 100" exam creates a platform for students to interact with other high-achievers, which fosters healthy competition and promotes networking opportunities. This exposure can be beneficial for future collaborations and career growth.

6.     Personal Fulfillment: Achieving a position in the "Super 100" list is a matter of personal pride and fulfillment. It boosts the student's confidence and self-esteem, encouraging them to aim higher in all aspects of life.

7.     Competitive Advantage: Having the "Super 100" tag on one's resume or academic profile provides a competitive advantage during job placements and further studies. It helps candidates stand out in a competitive job market.

8.     Academic Recognition: The "Super 100" exam is widely recognized in the education community, and students who secure top positions gain respect and recognition from teachers, peers, and parents.

9.     Skill Enhancement: Preparing for the "Super 100" exam involves rigorous study and practice. This process enhances the students' problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, time management, and discipline.

10. Motivation for Others: The success stories of "Super 100" students act as a source of inspiration for other students, encouraging them to work harder and aim for excellence.

11. National and International Exposure: In some cases, the "Super 100" exam might have a broader scope, attracting applicants from different states or even countries. This exposure provides students with a chance to compete at a higher level.

12. Increased Employability: Employers often view "Super 100" students as individuals with a strong work ethic and high potential. This can open doors to better job opportunities and career advancements.

13. Impact on Society: Students who crack the "Super 100" exam are likely to become future leaders and change-makers. Their education and experiences can lead to positive contributions to society.

In conclusion, the "Super 100" exam is much desired by students due to its exclusivity, scholarships, opportunities, and recognition. It serves as a platform for them to showcase their academic prowess, gain exposure, and achieve personal growth. The rewards and benefits associated with this examination act as strong incentives for students to strive for excellence and secure a bright future. As a result, the "Super 100" exam continues to be an aspiration for many ambitious students who seek to excel in their academic journey and beyond.

What Is Haryana Super 100 Scheme 2024-25?

Haryana's Directorate of School Education has started the enlistment cycle for the Super 100 Scheme. The state government would furnish exemplary understudies with free private mentoring to assist them with planning for serious tests under this plan. By finishing the Haryana Super 100 Scheme Online Registration Form 2024-25, all certified understudies can take the internet based placement test.

The Finance Minister expressed in the Haryana Budget 2021-22 that the proceeding with Super 100 drive has been effective in prepping ability from government schools for India's most renowned college. Accordingly, the drive will be extended to two extra habitats: Hisar and Karnal. A spending plan of Rs.10.00 crore would be set out for this reason.

Commendable understudies from the state who scored over 80% in the Haryana High School Board Exam can enlist for the free NEET/IIT-JEE Coaching Scheme on the authority site. The Government of Haryana's Department of School Education will before long hold an assessment to waitlist candidates for the Super 100 Scheme. The Haryana School Education Department still can't seem to choose whether or not to move the training program on the web; in any case, the division will lead an internet based affirmation test for qualified kids.

Objective Of Super 100 Scheme Haryana 2024-25

The Haryana government has embraced the Super 100 plan all through the state to offer youngsters with a decent and advanced education. The plan furnishes chosen understudies with two years of free training and ensuing advanced education. This idea is downright a gift for youngsters.


Q: When will online enrollment start?
Ans: thirteenth August

Q: What is the helpline number for the plan?
Ans: 0172 - 2560246

Q: Where to apply under the Haryana Super 100 plan?
Ans: http://www.schooleducationharyana.gov.in/

Q: What are the contact subtleties of the Haryana Super 100 plan?
Ans: edusecondaryhry@gmail.com

Q: What is the date of the entry test for the plan?
Ans: 23rd and 24th August

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