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What is Schedule Line Category?

SAP System just duplicates those things of deals record ,which have plan line .Schedule lines contain all the conveyance related data, for example, conveyance dates and amounts as well as data about the necessities move and stock administration.

Plan line classification has two alphanumeric key.

1) First person of key purposes -

2) Second person of key purposes -

Char Uses

T no stock administration, for example administrations

X no stock administration with products issue

N no arranging


V consumption-based arranging

Plan Line classification in various deals report. Request:

No accessibility check .

Not significant for conveyance.

Plan line is for data reason.


Plan line isn't significant for conveyance.

No Movement type(Movement type depicts sort of material development).

Plan line is significant for conveyance.

Development type is 601.


Plan line is significant for conveyance.

Development type is 651.

Characterize plan line classification

We can characterize our Schedule line classification by three different ways -

Duplicate a leaving Schedule line class and change agreeing our necessities.

Change a leaving Schedule line class.

Make another Schedule line class.

Enter T-code VOV6 in order field.

Rundown of leaving plan line class showed.

To Create New Schedule line category,click on new sections

Enter Schedule detail class and it's portrayal.

Enter Movement type(It is utilized to portray the sort of material development that should be performed). e.g receipts, issues, moves, inversion.

Enter Order Type/thing class/Acct. Assgt feline.

Keep an eye on Item rel.f.dlv/Preq.del.sched.