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What is PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a confirmation controlled by Project Management Institute, U.S.A. It is an undertaking the executive's course perceived everywhere. PMBOK-fifth release is the most recent adaptation for this test. The confirmation is legitimate for quite a long time.


Pre-imperative for PMI-PMP assessment incorporates

Four-year four-year certification

At least 4500 hours of undertaking the executive's experience

Or then again

An optional degree (secondary school recognition, partner degree, and so forth.)

At least 7500 hours of venture the board in the most recent five years


35 hours of venture the executives training from enlisted instruction supplier (REP)

PMP Certification Cost

The charge Structure to acquire 35 PDUs shifts from one country to another, it might fluctuate from $300 to $5000

Charge structure for PC based Testing (CBT)

For PMI individuals $405.00

For non-PMI individuals $555.00

Reconsideration Fees

For PMI individuals $275.00

For non-PMI individuals $375.00

PMP Exam Structure

The accompanying table shows the PMP test structure and weightage of inquiries.

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To clear the test, you want to breeze through a different decision assessment

You want to address 200 inquiries in 4 hours' time for the area referenced underneath

The test is accessible in 13 unique dialects around the world.

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There are other different courses accessible connected with the project the board on PMI like PgMP, PfMP, CAPM, and so forth. For more data, you can visit the site the PMBOK site.

Experience the difference

The general set of rules and morals characterizes:

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized credential for project managers, demonstrating their knowledge, skills, and experience in project management. This certification is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is highly esteemed in the field of project management. Here are the course details, exam cost, and benefits of obtaining a PMP certification:

Course Details:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate's degree, or equivalent).
  • 7,500 hours of leading and directing projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.


NTT Admission

  • A four-year degree.
  • 4,500 hours of leading and directing projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

Course Content:

The PMP certification exam covers a broad range of project management topics, including but not limited to:

  • Project initiation and planning.
  • Project execution and monitoring.
  • Project closing.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Risk management.
  • Quality management.
  • Cost management.
  • Time management.

Study Materials:

  • PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge): The primary reference for PMP exam preparation, provided by PMI.
  • Online PMP exam prep courses: Various institutions offer online courses covering PMP exam content.
  • Practice exams and sample questions: These help you become familiar with the exam format.

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Exam Cost:

The cost of the PMP certification exam varies depending on your PMI membership status:

  • PMI Member: $405 USD
  • Non-PMI Member: $555 USD


1.     Global Recognition: The PMP certification is recognized and respected worldwide. It demonstrates your ability to manage projects effectively, making you a valuable asset in any industry or country.

2.     Career Advancement: PMP-certified professionals often enjoy enhanced career opportunities and are eligible for higher-paying positions. It can also help you stand out when applying for new roles or promotions.

3.     Improved Project Management Skills: Preparing for the PMP exam requires a deep understanding of project management principles and best practices, which can significantly improve your on-the-job performance.

4.     Network Expansion: Joining PMI as a member while pursuing your PMP can connect you with a vast network of project management professionals, providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

5.     Increased Earning Potential: PMP certification is often associated with higher earning potential. Many organizations value certified project managers and are willing to pay competitive salaries.

6.     Professional Development: Earning and maintaining the PMP certification requires ongoing professional development, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest project management trends and techniques.

7.     Employer Confidence: PMP certification reassures employers that you possess the skills and knowledge needed to manage complex projects successfully, increasing their confidence in your abilities.

8.     Marketability: PMP-certified individuals are more marketable and have a competitive edge in the job market, especially in industries where project management is a critical function.

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NTT Admission

Obligation to the calling

Obligation to clients and the general population

Set of rules and expert lead incorporates

PMP Professional Responsibility

Keep up with exclusive requirements of expert lead and honesty

Support others in the calling to act in an expert way

Persistently look for direction to upgrade the expert abilities

Maintaining the code

Consistency with every required rule and guidelines

Be answerable for your activities

Practice an implicit set of rules with decency and genuineness

Stick to moral norms and legitimate necessities

Safeguard partner and equilibrium partners' interest in the undertaking

Ensure that an irreconcilable circumstance doesn't think twice about the client's real interest

Keep up with private data

Act in an exact, honest way

Announcing unlawful or dishonest way of behaving

While managing different societies keep up with proficient awareness

Know about social contrasts

Other expert obligation

Project supervisor requirements to guarantee that organization arrangements are followed

Intellectual property regulations are not disregarded

Spending plan altering presents nothing other than your unique gauge

Privileges don't work with a nation where there is an unmistakable infringement of the essential freedoms

Code of behaviors and ethic test inquiries for PMP experts;

After an individual is recruited, he presents thoughts that were created by a contender organization as of now. Is it safe to say that you will utilize similar thoughts?

As a chief how might you determine the contention between colleagues?

You are an undertaking director, and a huge and unforeseen issue happens that will create a setback for the timetable. How would it be a good idea for you to respond?

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Sikkim Professional University

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North East Frontier Technical University

Location: Aalo, AP ,India
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Course Offered: UG and PG