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What is JMeter

JMeter, short for Apache JMeter, is an open-source software application designed for performance testing and load testing of web applications. It was developed by the Apache Software Foundation and has gained popularity as a powerful tool for assessing the performance, reliability, and scalability of web services and servers.

Key Features of JMeter:

1.     Performance Testing: JMeter allows testers to simulate real-world scenarios by creating virtual users and generating requests to test the performance of web applications under various load conditions.

2.     Load Testing: With JMeter, testers can apply heavy loads to web servers and applications to determine their capabilities and identify potential bottlenecks.

3.     Functional Testing: Apart from performance testing, JMeter also supports functional testing by enabling testers to create and execute test scripts to verify the correctness of web application functionality.

4.     Protocols Support: JMeter supports various protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, JDBC, SOAP, and others, making it versatile for testing different types of applications and services.

5.     Distributed Testing: JMeter supports distributed testing, allowing multiple JMeter instances to work together, which is particularly useful for load testing large-scale systems.

6.     Assertions: Testers can use assertions in JMeter to verify the responses received from the server, ensuring that the application meets the expected criteria.

7.     Graphs and Reporting: JMeter provides graphical representations and comprehensive reporting of test results, making it easier for testers to analyze performance metrics.

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How JMeter Works:

1.     Test Plan Creation: Testers create a test plan using JMeter's graphical user interface (GUI) or by editing the test plan XML file directly. The test plan defines the structure of the test, including the number of threads (virtual users), loop count, and other configuration settings.

2.     Thread Groups: Testers define thread groups within the test plan, representing different sets of virtual users and their behavior. Each thread group simulates user actions such as logging in, browsing pages, submitting forms, etc.

3.     Samplers: Within each thread group, testers add samplers to generate requests to the web application or server. Samplers represent different types of requests, such as HTTP requests, database queries, or SOAP requests.

4.     Config Elements: Testers can add configuration elements to modify the behavior of samplers or provide additional data for testing purposes. Examples include HTTP cookies, HTTP headers, and user-defined variables.

5.     Assertions and Listeners: Testers can add assertions to check the responses received from the server, ensuring that the application behaves as expected. Additionally, listeners capture test results and display them in various formats, such as graphs and tables.

6.     Running the Test: Once the test plan is set up, testers run the test, and JMeter starts sending requests to the web application or server, simulating the behavior of virtual users under the specified load.

7.     Analyzing Results: After the test is complete, testers analyze the results using JMeter's built-in listeners or by exporting the data for further analysis. The test results help identify performance bottlenecks and potential areas for improvement.


JMeter is a powerful and versatile open-source tool used for performance testing, load testing, and functional testing of web applications and services. Its user-friendly interface, support for multiple protocols, and extensive reporting capabilities make it a valuable asset for assessing the performance and reliability of web systems. With JMeter, testers can ensure that their web applications can handle real-world user loads and provide a seamless user experience.

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The Apache JMeterTM is unadulterated Java open source programming, which was first evolved by Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation, intended to stack test utilitarian way of behaving and measure execution. You can utilize JMeter to dissect and gauge the exhibition of web application or different administrations. Execution Testing implies testing a web application against weighty burden, various and simultaneous client traffic. JMeter initially is utilized for testing Web Application or FTP application. These days, it is utilized for a practical test, data set server testOpen source permit: JMeter is thoroughly free, permits designer utilize the source code for the turn of events

Well disposed GUI: JMeter is very simple to utilize and doesn't carve out opportunity to get to know itStage free: JMeter is 100 percent unadulterated Java work area application. So it can run on different stagesFull multithreading structure. JMeter permits simultaneous and concurrent examining of various capabilities by a different string bunchImagine Test Result: Test result can be shown in an alternate organization, for example, outline, table, tree and log recordSimple establishment: You duplicate and run the *.bat document to run JMeter. No establishment required.Exceptionally Extensible: You can compose your own tests. JMeter additionally upholds representation modules permit you to broaden your testingNumerous testing procedure: JMeter upholds many testing techniques, for example, Load Testing, Distributed Testing, and Functional Testing.Recreation: JMeter can mimic various clients with simultaneous strings, make a weighty burden against web application under test

Support multi-convention: JMeter doesn't just help web application testing yet in addition assess data set server execution. All fundamental conventions like HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, JMS, and FTP are upheld by JMeterRecord and Playback - Record the client movement on the program and mimic them in a web application utilizing JMeter

Test: Jmeter can be coordinated with Bean Shell and Selenium for mechanized testing.How does JMeter functionThe fundamental work process of JMeter as displayed in the figures underneathJMeter reproduces a gathering of clients sending solicitations to an objective server, and return measurements data of target server through graphical diagramsIt's not plausible to orchestrate 100 individuals with PC and web access at the same time getting to google.com Think of the foundation prerequisite when you test for 10000 clients (a modest number for a website like google). Thus you really want a product instrument like JMeter that will mimic genuine client ways of behaving and execution/load test your site.

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