What is Agnipath Scheme | Agnipath Scheme Kya Hai

The Centre on Thursday extended the upper age limit for the Agnipath scheme from 21 times to 23 times amid massive demurrers against the scheme throughout the day. The age disclaimer will be given only one time for the proposed reclamation cycle for 2023-24. 

 The original age group eligible for the scheme was decided to be17.5 to 21 times." conscious of the fact that it has not been possible to take over the reclamation during the last two times, the Government has decided that a one-time disclaimer shall be granted for the proposed reclamation cycle for 2023-24," the Centre said in its first revision of the scheme within two days after the scheme was blazoned. 

" Consequently, the upper age limit for the reclamation process for Agnipath scheme for 2023-24 is increased to 23 times," the Centre said. 

 The upper age limit of 21 times was one of the numerous issues protesters have raised against the scheme. Congress which blazoned its vehement opposition to the scheme also raised the issue that reclamation to the service was stalled in the last two times because of the epidemic and several posts are lying vacant. 

The Centre issued several interpretations explaining that after the 4- time scheme, the Agniveers who will not be retained by their separate services will be given government backing to pursue entrepreneurship, education, other jobs etc. A fiscal package of ?11.72 lakh will be given to each of the Agniveers so that they can venture into entrepreneurship. 

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