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Top 25 SAP CRM Interview Questions & Answers

What is SAP CRM?

SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a product device given by SAP to help start to finish client related upholds. It handles different exercises like invoicing, conveyance, navigation, money due, etc.

 Mention what are the expert information in SAP CRM?

In SAP CRM, the Master Data is essential information about your client which can be shared among various modules.

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Explain what is Activity Journal?

You can record and refresh data from client visit or call in Activity Journal.

Mention what is the standard exchange type for Quotation?

The standard exchange type for citation is AG, and the thing classification is AGN.

Explain what is accomplice capability in SAP CRM?

As the name shows accomplice capability portrays the association and individuals with whom the business is finished, which incorporates any sort of deal. Accomplice capability incorporates data like

Explain what is text assurance in SAP CRM?

In CRM, text can be utilized to trade and data between the clients, accomplices or between the clients. Text can be made for client ace, deals record header and thing, charging archive header and thing, etc.

 Explain what is Actions in SAP CRM?

"Activities" in SAP CRM are a method for adding usefulness to objects. For instance, to send citation to the clients from the citation report, you can utilize Actions. One more utilization of activities is, for example, making in follow on record.

List out the standard exchange types for deals?

A portion of the standard exchange types for deals are



Select Opportunity

OPSM-Sales Methodology

TA-Tele Sales, and so on.

 Explain what is the essentials to set out a freedom?

Lead is the pre-imperatives for setting out a freedom. Whenever it is qualified as a hot lead then, at that point, it is send through work process and afterward opportunity is made.

Explain what is the distinction between a CRM lead and an Opportunity?

Lead: It is a record or contact with almost no data.

Opportunity: It is a contact or record which has been qualified.

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Explain what is coherent connections in SAP CRM?

The navigational bar in SAP CRM has two level menu structure. The high level menus are alluded as work focuses, and these work habitats contain consistent connections that highlight the genuine CRM application. Beneath the two-level menu framework, there is a bunch of legitimate connections which empowers the CRM client to straightforwardly make the CRM business object. These connections are alluded as immediate connections. Legitimate connection permits route to various pages.

Mention how CRM allocate the business jobs?

To allocate business jobs, SAP CRM utilizes two essential ways

Roundabout task of business jobs PPOMA_CRM

Straightforwardly through security jobs doled out to client aces in SU01

 What is the bundle that you use to save the OD profile?

To save the OD profile, we use $tmp.

Explain how you can show the blunder message in web UI when the client has not entered a particular field?

To show the blunder message in web UI, you need to call message class in even EH_onSave. The message class is made in SE91.

Explain what are connectors?

A CRM middleware is utilized for the trading of information between the CRM framework and associated ERP framework. It is additionally used to relegate information and convert it into different arrangements and to interface with outer frameworks.

Explain what is BDOC in CRM? What are the sorts or classes of BDOC?

BDOC or business archives comprise of all information's or data utilized by CRM middleware to move or trade information with portable clients.The BDOC classes or types are

Informing BDocs

Synchronization BDocs

Portable Application BDocs

In SAP CRM, what is the activity profile?

Activity Profile is a Post Processing Framework (PPF) it gives a few result on given conditions.

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How CRM can deal with messages from clients?

SAP CRM gives work process empowered email handling capacities. It can recover messages sent from your clients, course messages consequently to suitable clients in light of work process rules, deal with different connections in messages, send programmed answers to your client, etc

What is the distinction among CRM and ERP?

CRM consolidates deals, contact, promoting, the board and client care. ERP represents Enterprise Resource Planning; it normalizes and smooth out business processes across administrations, deals, finance, HR the board, and so forth.

Explain what is IPC?

Explain what is IPC?

IPC means "Web Pricing and Configurator." The IPC conveys a bunch of motors that execute estimating and item setup usefulness in various situation and sap applications.

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