TN 10th 12th Result 2022 Tamil Nadu, TN SSLC Result and HSE Result on

Directorate of Government Examination Tamil Nadu, TN DGE would be releasing the TN 10th and 12th results in 2022 soon. In rearmost updates, the TN 10th result 2022 date has been laid over. TN SSLC Result 2022 would now be released along with the TN 12th Result on June 20, 2022. The date and time were verified by the officers. Both TN 10th 12th Result 2022 would be released on the same date at different times on and other websites.

In the rearmost update, the Tamil Nadu board officers have participated that the TN SSLC result date set for June 17 is delayed. The board has now decided to release both HSE 2 and SSLC results on the same date. TN HSE 1 Results, still, would be released latterly. Check the date and time for the 10th 12th results.

TN 10th 12th Result 2022 date, time

Result Name Date Time

TN 12th Result 2022 June 20, 2022 9:30 AM

TN SSLC Result 2022, 10th June 20, 2022 12:00 PM

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Over 9 lakh scholars have reportedly written the SSLC examination. Around 7 lakh scholars appear for the TN 12th board examination every time. The results are generally released on different days. This time, still, due to necessary detention, the result is being blazoned on the same date.
Both SSLC and HSE results would be transferred to the scholars through SMS by the board as well. The results would also be available on the sanctioned and other websites
The result scorecard or mark distance would be available from the registered seminaries. scholars would be needed to collect the same from their institutions in a many days. Marksheets are also uploaded after a many days of the result protestation.


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