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Text can be utilized to trade the data through reports with an accomplice and end clients. Text can be made for objects like client ace, deals report header and thing, charging archive header and thing as well as condition records. Text can be client text, deals text, thing note, pressing note and so forth. SAP utilizes condition method to decide text..Material expert contains text about the material, yet this text isn't adequate to make deals request for this material by salesman. So framework guarantees text about a deals report thing. There are various texts like buy request text, Sales request text, thing note, pressing note. The texts is picked from comparing ace information (Material expert and so forth) or entered physically in screen.Material deals text comes from the expert information (deals perspective on material expert) to the detail in the deals request. For this framework need to designed in like manner. The most common way of making and arranging new texts for stream in the exchange and to characterize when and where texts will be called is know as "Text Determination".

Text assurance for deals report header.

Enter T-code VOTXN in the order field.

Select Sales archive header radio button.

Click on change button.