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What is a Support Package?

At the point when an end client of SAP finds a bug in the SAP item, he reports something similar to SAP support. SAP software engineers investigate the bug and foster a remedy for the bug. This remedy is known as SNOTE (SAP Note).With time, different end clients, report bugs for which SAP discharges SNOTE. SAP gathers this large number of remedies in a single spot and this assortment is called SUPPORT PACKAGE. This help bundle additionally incorporates improvements to prior adaptations of SAP.In basic words assortment of SAP NOTES is called as SUPPORT PACKAGE.Support Packages are carried out in SAP framework utilizing Transaction SPAM (Support Package Manager)

What is Support Package Stack (SPS)?

The Support Package Stack is a rundown of ABAP and Java Support Packages for all product parts (SC) remembered for SAP NetWeaver. It is accustomed to bring every Software Component of SAP NetWeaver to a characterized Support Pack (SP) level.Support Package Stack, generally known as STACK packages generally required parts or individual fixes that are now tried together and suggested applying as SPS rather than individual fix (until and except if you deal with some issue which requires specific parts to be fixed).Go to, select your NW rendition to check the ongoing SPS level and different subtleties.

What are Support Pack Stack variant numbers?

Support Package Stacks have a delivery number, and a Stack number, Example, SAP NetWeaver '04 Support Package Stack 11.Every product part has a different succession of Support Packages. The accompanying rundown contains the specialized names of various parts and the documentation for their Support Packages:

COP (Component Package):

SAP_APPL (SAP APPL Support Package): SAPKH

SAP_BASIS (Basis Support Package): SAPKB

SAP_ABA (Application Basis SP): SAPKA

SAP_HR (SAP HR Support Package): SAPKE

SAP_SCM (SCM Support Package): SAPKY

SAP_BW (BW Support Package): SAPKW

SAP_CRM (CRM Support Package): SAPKU

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Pre-imperatives for Support Package execution:

Support bundles ought to be constantly applied in client 000.

The client to be utilized for the help bundle execution should have approvals comparable to DDIC or SAP*

Call the exchange SPAM and check whether any past Support Package import is deficient. You can continue ahead except if the past help bundle import is fruitful.

Guarantee that there is sufficient room in the vehicle catalog. The vehicle index is situated at/usr/sap/trans

Moves toward Upgrade the Support Package:

Stage 1: Download Support Packs

Download Support Packs

Support Packages are accessible in SAP Support Portal, under SPAM/SAINT Update:A SPAM/SAINT Update contains updates and upgrades to Support Package Manager (SPAM) and Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT). There is generally one SPAM update for each delivery. SPAM/SAINT update is compulsory before any help bundle redesign.

Experience the difference

Defining Queue

Line contains the Support Packages accessible for the different SAP Components introduced in your framework. This Queue data is gotten from the help pack transferred in Step 2.1.On the underlying screen in Support Package Manager, pick Display/Define.2.A rundown of introduced programming parts (for instance, SAP_BASIS, SAP_HR, SAP_BW) is shown.

Stage 5: Importing Queue.

Importing Queue.

When you a characterize a Queue (Step 4) while choosing a specific part (for which we need to redesign support pack), we really want to do 'Import line' to begin bringing in/applying that specific chose support pack (according to the standard SAP process)Pick Support Package - > Import Queue

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