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SQLite supports five main data types: NULL INTEGER REAL TEXT and BLOB. NULL is used to represent missing or unknown values. INTEGER is used to store whole numbers. REAL is used to store floating-point values. TEXT is used to store text strings. BLOB is used to store binary data.SQLite supports five main data types: NULL INTEGER REAL TEXT and BLOB.NULL: A NULL value is a value that is not known or not applicable. INTEGER: An INTEGER value is a whole number. REAL: A REAL value is a floating-point number. TEXT: TEXT values are text strings. BLOB: BLOB values are binary strings.SQLite data types are used to specify the type of data that can be stored in a column of a database table. These data types are classified into two categories: numeric data types and non-numeric data types.Numeric data types include integers floating-point numbers and decimals. Non-numeric data types include text strings blob strings and date/time values.


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