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A SQL Server table is a database object that stores data in a tabular form. Tables are the basic structure of a SQL Server database. The data in a table is organized into rows and columns, and each row represents a single record in the database. Tables can be connected to other tables through relationships, which are established using foreign keys.A SQL Server table is a database object used to store data. Tables are similar to folders in a file system, where each table stores a collection of information. In a relational database, data is organized into tables and columns. Tables are similar to folders in a file system, where each table stores a collection of information. In SQL Server, you can create a new table using the CREATE TABLE statement.A SQL Server table is a collection of data that is organized into rows and columns. Tables are a basic element of SQL Server databases. Data is stored in tables so that it can be easily retrieved and updated. SQL Server tables can be created manually or by using the SQL Server Management Studio graphical user interface.SQL Server Tables are the database objects that stores data in a tabular format. A table is composed of columns and rows. Each column represents an attribute of the data, while each row represents a record or tuple with values for each attribute. Tables are the basic unit of data storage in SQL Server databases.Tables are created when you create a database. You can also create tables using the CREATE TABLE statement. A table must have at least one column, but it can have any number of columns. The number of rows in a table is unlimited.SQL Server tables are the database objects that store data in a tabular format. A table consists of columns and rows, with each column storing a specific type of data (e.g. INTEGER, VARCHAR, DATE, etc.) and each row representing a single record. Tables can be related to each other via foreign keys, which are used to enforce referential integrity. In addition to data, tables can also store other objects such as indexes and constraints.


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