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What is Spiral Model?

The spiral model is a software development process combining elements of both design and prototyping-in-stages, in an effort to combine the advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts. The spiral model is similar to the incremental model with more emphasis placed on risk analysis. The spiral model has four phases: Planning, Risk Analysis, Engineering, and Evaluation.

The first phase, Planning, begins with a determination of objectives and alternatives. In the second phase, Risk Analysis, risks are identified and prioritized for implementation. In the third phase, Engineering, the software is developed using a series of prototypes. Finally, in the fourth phase, Evaluation, the results are evaluated against the original objectives to determine whether or not they were met.

There are several advantages to using the spiral model over other software development models. These include:

It is easier to incorporate changes during development since it is iterative in nature

More flexible as it can be adapted to a different project

The Spiral Model is a software development process combining elements of both design and prototyping-in-stages, in an effort to combine the advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts.

The spiral model is intended for large, expensive, and complicated projects. It allows for incremental releases of the product so that the customer can see and use the product early on in the software development cycle. The spiral model also allows for more risk analysis than traditional waterfall development, as it includes many opportunities for prototype testing and evaluation before the final code is written.

One disadvantage of the spiral model is that it can be very costly. Prototyping in stages can add significant expense to a project. In addition, if changes are made during later stages of development, they can cause ripples that affect earlier parts of the project that may already have been completed.

Twisting Model is a gamble-driven programming improvement process model. It is a mix of cascade model and iterative model. Twisting Model assists with embracing programming improvement components of numerous interaction models for the product project in view of extraordinary gamble designs guaranteeing an effective advancement process.

Each period of the winding model in computer programming starts with a plan objective and closures with the client evaluating the advancement. The twisting model in computer programming was first referenced by Barry Boehm in quite a while 1986 paper.

The improvement cycle in the Spiral model in SDLC begins with a little arrangement of necessity and goes through every improvement stage for that arrangement of prerequisites. The computer programming group adds usefulness for the extra necessity in each rising twisting until the application is prepared for the creation stage. The underneath figure makes sense of the Spiral Model:

twisting model graph

Twisting Model Diagram

Twisting Model Phases

Twisting Model Phases Activities performed during stage


It incorporates assessing the expense, timetable, and assets for the cycle. It additionally includes grasping the framework necessities for nonstop correspondence between the framework investigator and the client

Risk Analysis

Recognizable proof of potential gamble is finished while risk relief procedure is arranged and settled


It incorporates testing, coding, and conveying programming at the client site


Assessment of programming by the client. Likewise, incorporates distinguishing and observing dangers like timetable slippage and cost invade

When to utilize Spiral Model?

A Spiral model in computer programming is utilized when the undertaking is enormous

At the point when deliveries are expected to be continuous, the twisting technique is utilized

At the point when the formation of a model is material

At the point when chance and costs assessment is significant

Twisting strategy is helpful for medium to high-take chance with projects

At the point when prerequisites are hazy and mind-boggling, the Spiral model in SDLC is valuable

At the point when changes might expect out of the blue

At the point when long-haul project responsibility isn't doable because of changes in monetary needs

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