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At times, strategic cycles require unique acquirement types to be utilized:

Transfer Subcontracting Stock Transfer Using Stock Transport Order Outsider Processing Returnable Transport Packaging Pipeline Handling For the motivations behind the extraordinary acquisition types, there are exceptional stock sorts. Thing classifications you can use in buying archives We will perceive the way propositions extraordinary acquirement types and unique stock sorts are utilized in the accompanying cycles. Transfer implies that the merchandise obtained are still in merchants possession, yet our organization is keeping the material on stock and can sell it straightforwardly. Merchandise become the property of our organization just on account of consuming. You can see two potential transfer situations/processes in the chart underneath. In the two cases, the foundation of the cycle is a products receipt for merchant transfer merchandise. From that point forward, we will have transfer merchandise in our stockroom. If we have any desire to sell the merchandise from transfer stock, we can do a stock exchange from distribution center to store transfer stock and sell straightforwardly from transfer stock. In the event that then again, we decide not to keep the merchandise as transfer stock, we can do an exchange presenting on own stock. A short time later, we can send it to our store and sell it as own stock. In the transfer cycle, we ought to make a buy data record for the merchant/material blend, to predefine some data later utilized in the cycles. In the framework, getting the transfer stock is finished in a couple of straightforward advances. Getting CONSIGNMENT GOODS

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Make a buy request for the material utilizing ME21N exchange.

Enter thing class K - transfer products. Post merchandise receipt in MIGO exchange. You can see that development type is 101, and the unique stock pointer is K - transfer stock (seller).Actually look at things as OK, and Post. After you have posted the products receipt for seller transfer merchandise, you can see the stock outline for the material has changed. There are 120 laptops now in the Vendor Consignment column, as unhindered. Stretching into two unique situations from the cycle outline. Starting here, we can make a stock exchange to a store stockpiling area with MIGO exchange. We can then sell the merchandise from the transfer stock (installment commitment is created at the retail location).In the subsequent situation, we can make an exchange presenting on own stock (installment commitment as of now). Later on we can do anything we like with the merchandise. Suppose we have made an exchange presenting on own stock upon merchandise appearance. We can do that by utilizing MB1B with extraordinary stock sort pointer K, and development type 411.We can see a short time later that our stock level is 244 laptops generally on 0001 unlimited. Our 120 laptops were moved from transfer to claim stock. We are not making a receipt involving MIRO exchange for transfer merchandise. All things being equal, liabilities are gotten comfortable MRKO exchange for the suitable period. Execute MRKO exchange. Enter Company Code and Vendor. Enter the date range (you can utilize archive date, per your inclinations).Pick extraordinary obtainment type you need to make due with. Transfer. Pick if you have any desire to show accessible record or settle. Pick Display. Show just withdrawals not settled or just settled withdrawals, or both. You can likewise confine the showed/settled records by material. Execute.

First we will decide to show the accessible reports for our choice.

We can see that the record isn't settled. Return to the underlying screen and pick Settle rather than Display. Execute. You can now see the message that a report 5100000001 was made. Return and decide to show records, and decide to see Settled withdrawals. Presently there is a record matching your solicitation. You can see that the status is currently Settled. finishes the cycle for transfer stock. Stock Transport Order In stock exchange process, products are obtained and provided inside an organization. One plant orders the merchandise from another plant (they are known as the getting plant/giving plant).We can utilize an extraordinary sort of procurement request - the stock vehicle request. The conveyance cycle should be possible either in Inventory Management or in the delivery part of coordinated operations execution .Create a buy request utilizing ME21N.Pick report type UB - Stock Transp. Request. Pick Supplying Plant - 001.Pick Receiving Plants Purchasing association - 0002.Buying gathering and Company Code. In the thing outline screen, enter material number and amount.

Pick the getting plant and Storage Location.

Post merchandise issue from the responsible plant utilizing MIGO exchange. Enter the capacity area from which products are being given. Save the exchange - Post products Issue. Subsequent to posting, you will get a material report. Do a products receipt to a getting plant for the stock exchange request - in MIGO. Pick A01 - Goods Receipt Presently the stock exchange from one plant to another is finished. You can see the plant stock at this point. Obersdorf plant presently has 12 computers of material 10599999.Stock vehicle request should likewise be possible utilizing the conveyance cycle. You can make an outbound conveyance in light of your buy request (stock vehicle request) in exchange VL10B. Then, at that point, you can post the merchandise issue utilizing the VL02N exchange (change outbound conveyance). At last you can do a PGR (post products receipt) for conveyance from the getting plant.

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In subcontracting, you give parts to a merchant from which an item is delivered. The item is then arranged by your organization through a buy request. The parts expected by the merchant to make the arranged item are imported in the buy request through the BoM (Bill of Materials), and they are given to the seller. After the worker for hire has delivered the completed item, we can post the merchandise receipt. Make a standard buy request for the material that has a BOM kept up with. Make a PO with thing class L. Enter the capacity place where the material ought to be put upon merchandise receipt. On the Material Data tab, click the Components or Explode BOM symbol. On the part screen, enter capacity area from which the parts ought to be given. I have made a phony BoM for our material (we sure can't make LCD TV 40″ from two parts called semiconductors and plastics), yet it's sufficient to fill the need (you can make a BoM in CS01 exchange on the off chance that you don't have it for your test material).Save the PO. Assuming that your PO should be delivered, discharge it by utilizing ME29N.

In stock observing exchange, we will give the parts to seller.

You will get a rundown of open thing for move towards the merchant. You can see the parts from our buy request Select the parts (click the containers close to parts material numbers).Post merchandise issue. You will be provoked to affirm the things being PG I'd. Simply affirm the right stockpiling area and amount. Do that for the parts in general. You ought to see this sort of screen affirming that your PGI was done effectively for 2 things. The following screen ought to seem to be this. You can see that there is a material report for the parts, with development type 541.You can post a merchandise receipt against a buy request to get the completed products from the seller. Presently you have given the parts to subcontractor, got the completed item. You might have additionally made an outbound conveyance for the parts utilizing ME2O exchange, and afterward posting merchandise issue through VL02N. More often than not this sort of handling is finished in subcontracting.


In today's fast-paced world, the realm of SPECIAL STOCK ANDSPECIAL PROCUREMENT stands as a crucial asset in various industries, driving professional growth and excellence. As we delve deeper into this specialized domain, understanding its significance becomes paramount.


SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT have evolved into indispensable tools, fostering efficiency and innovation across sectors. Their role in modern business strategies and operational methodologies cannot be overstated.


Within SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT, various classifications exist, each catering to unique needs and purposes. From just-in-time inventory to consignment stock, these diverse types warrant exploration.


Embarking on a journey in SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT offers multifaceted advantages, from streamlined processes to cost efficiency and enhanced supply chain management.

How SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT Enhance Professional Development

The acquisition of specialized skills and knowledge in SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT significantly contributes to professional growth, opening doors to rewarding career opportunities.


SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT play a pivotal role in propelling careers forward, equipping individuals with the expertise sought after in today's competitive job market.

Choosing the Right Education Course for Your Goals

Selecting the most suitable SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT education course aligning with personal and professional goals requires careful consideration and evaluation.

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Online vs. Traditional SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT: Pros and Cons

The debate between online and traditional modes of SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT education presents distinct advantages and drawbacks, influencing the learning experience.

The Future of SPECIAL STOCK AND SPECIAL PROCUREMENT: Trends and Innovations

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