Slovak Course Admission 2023-24 Shikshaglobe


E-slovak is ane-learning gate with courses of Slovak as a foreign language aimed at acquiring introductory language chops which can be applied to day- to- day situations. The courses correspond with the text Krížom- krážom. Sloven?ina – the series of handbooks of Slovak which were published by Studia Academica Slovaca – The Centre for Slovak as a Foreign Language. 


No former knowledge of Slovak is needed. The course is designed for complete newcomers but also for those with limited knowledge.


Online Slovak language course for nonnatives 

learn Slovak language easier than ever ahead 

20 motifs for all most common situations in one place

practical aproach, focuses on what's important in day to day life 

speak with confidence after a many assignments 

give yourself inflexibility and convenience 

great value for plutocrat

life- time access 

There's nothing further thrilling than being suitable to speak to locals in their own language when you visit a foreign country. Well, now you can witness that amazing feeling too! The knowledge in the course is acummulating presto but still goes in accessible pace, so you do n´t need to be bothered if you have trouble learning new languages! This slovak course is also for you if all you know is to introduce yourself and just a many rulings. This course will give you a lot of new vocabulary in one place!

What does this slovak language course include? 

All together this course has 20 motifs 10 motifs general and expanded where you'll snappily gain your chops in Slovak language rudiments in Slovak, people and family, food, eatery bar & shop, megacity, work and education, diurnal routine, time, hobbyhorse, house. --> a lot of vocabulary, adjectives, verbs and textbooks and sialogues 

How to do this course- recommendations 

always have paper and pen with you 

speak! read and repeat everything loud. Exercise your pronunciation and speaking. 

pay attention to textbooks and discourses. Compare slovak textbook with english restatement and notice which corridor you do n´t understand and try to exercise them 

unknow words in a textbooks and discourses will be undermarked 

How to learn Slovak by yourself? Start with an easy and free online course! 

We've espoused an ideal and effective approach to learn how to speak a language fluently and snappily we suggest you to start by learning words, expressions and practical expressions that you can use in everyday life and that will be useful when traveling. Getting used to gasp words out loud, figures for case, is an easy exercise that you can exercise frequently and at anytime throughout the day. It'll help you to get used to the sounds of your chosen language and therefore make it more familiar. And once your leaves have begun, in Bratislava, in the High Tatras or in another megacity of Slovakia, you'll be surprised how familiar and easy to understand it'll feel.likewise, using a fund wordbook is always useful, particularly during a trip. It enables you to find the restatement of new words and enrich your vocabulary. 

Why speak Slovak while traveling? 

You'd like to know further about Slavic culture, with its stunning geographies, erudite classics and epicure dishes? Learn Slovak and you will be near to achieving your pretensions! A growing frugality A member of the European Union since 2004, the UN, NATO and other transnational associations, Slovakia is a growing European frugality with numerous transnational artificial companies, including the titans of automotive product. In addition, the country has conditioning in agribusiness and the fields of energy, capital goods, electronics, coal,etc. With a history nearly linked to those of bordering countries, this has had an effect on the Slovak language, which is fairly intercomprehensible with Czech and Polish. Its cooking is also explosively told by that of its Slavic, Austrian and Hungarian neighbors. Tourism in Slovakia is a real magnet, as its different geographies include the Carpathians with their popular skiing peaks, the beautiful lakes and denes the plains along the Danube, and its numerous castles and churches. 

Are you an ice hockey addict? Discover the Slovak brigades! 

Slovak culture is dynamic, with important numbers in nearly every field, similar as Alfonz Bednár and Peter Piš?anek in literature, and Edita Gruberová and Richard Müller in music. In addition, the Fujara flute( a traditional Slovak instrument) has been inscribed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2005. 

Make a success of your stay in Slovakia 

Whether you're going to spend a many days with musketeers for a rest trip or if you're on a business trip, nothing will be more useful to you than to be suitable to slip a many words in the language of your interlocutors, who'll appreciate your trouble and will be clearly more willing to help. 

How to succeed in having good pronunciation within a week to a month? 

Spoken substantially in Slovakia, but also present in countries similar as the Czech Republic, Serbia, Canada and Australia, Slovak is the language of further than5.2 million people and is fairly intercomprehensible with Czech and Polish. Using the Latin ABC of 46 graphemes, amended with plates and diacritic marks, the language is also characterized by declensions, the use of three genders( mannish, womanlike and neutral), perfective and imperfective verbs, and a rich system of prefixes and derivate suffixes. The pronunciation is marked by an emphasis always on the first syllable, by the actuality of long and short vowels- which is distinctive of minimum dyads- and by the possibility of using R and L as vowels. Then are some tips for correct pronunciation 

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