Serbian Course Admission 2023-24 Shikshaglobe

Serbian assignments 

To learn Serbian, you must acquire Serbian words and know how to gasp them rightly. Our free online assignments are acclimatized to help you learn Serbian effectively. In addition, our voice recording point allows you to hear to your pronunciation, furnishing instant feedback to help you ameliorate your Serbian. 

Study Serbian in just 5 twinkles a day 

LingoHut delivers online Serbian assignments designed the way you learn stylish. Conditioning and games make learning further effective, more particular, and further fun. In addition, our drip- feed approach dramatically increases your capability to retain the Serbian language. therefore, preparing you with the Serbian you need for a trip or getting a job. 

pretensions of the design 

literacy and perfecting Serbian( available to all situations newcomers, intermediate, advanced, proficiency); studying Serbian culture, traditional values and ultramodern tendencies through proposition and practice; living in an authentic Serbian terrain, making connections with real Serbs, swapping gests and opinions with them. 

ferocious course in Serbian language 

By attending the course you'll gain new and ameliorate your current language capacities. After a placement test taken upon the appearance scholars will be divided into groups according to their knowledge. There are six groups newcomers 1, newcomers 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, advanced and proficiency. Each group will have an applicable syllabus, a language educator, and will work independently from other groups. The emphasis is on developing communicative chops. The theoretic, i.e. methodical aspect of the language is presented in the ways that are most suitable to the requirements of every separate position. The course is divided into two sections. In the first one scholars ameliorate their verbal and communicative chops throughout a ultramodern language course. In the alternate bone( verbal-artistic), scholars will learn a lot about the Serbian culture through practical language exercises, which is necessary for getting around in Serbian reality and cranking the knowledge they gained in class. This is what makes our program special and more popular than other seminaries. During the course scholars don't feel intellectual fatigue and are eager to perform all tasks. When the courses are over and they return home, they all feel veritably pleased about the progress they've made. 


Belgrade, its surroundings, and whole Serbia offer innumerous possibilities for colorful excursions. You'll be suitable to see European castles in Vojvodina or oriental- style Novi Pazar, serene plain gutters or go buoying to the Tara, a mountain swash. Your figure doesn't cover these excursions, but we can help you find what you like at reasonable prices. 

Sports & recreation 

You can exercise sports after classes. Belgrade offers installations for nearly all sports. You do n’t have to worry about your fitness during the course, because Belgrade has lovely premises accessible for all megacity sporting conditioning( jogging, t ’ ai chi,etc.). The organizers will reluctantly help you find all you need. 

Social life 

You'll be suitable to get together with Belgrade University scholars. Integration parties are held in the gloamings during the first week of the course. There are lots of night clubs and other places in Belgrade where you can meet youthful Serbs, who are veritably open- inclined and friendly. 

Food and accommodation 

Accommodation is in a hotel, this table shows theprices.However, apartment, or you formerly have an accommodation), If you have any special requests regarding accommodation( similar as a hostel room. 

Would you like to learn free- style? 

perhaps you ’d like to learn the basics alone, before entering a study group or reserving a assignment with a schoolteacherDo you have a Serbian instructor away, but would like to use the benefits of Serbonika’s platform with Serbian language coursesOr you intend to exercise speaking with your musketeers and family still, our tone- study Serbian language courses are what you need!  If your answer is “ yes ” to any one of these questions.

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