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In UNIX, use disp+work ? rendition to see data on the ongoing Kernel adaptation. Stage 1 ? Open URL — https:\\ and login with SID and secret phrase. Stage 2 ? Go to SAP Support Portal from dropdown ? Software Downloads. Stage 3 ? Go to Support Packages and fixes under programming downloads.

What is a Kernel?

The Kernel is a focal program which goes about as a connection point between SAP application and working framework.The Kernel comprises of the executable projects that live under the way "/sapmnt/<SID>/exe" (UNIX) or \usr\sap\SID\SYS\exe\run (Windows)These documents help startup the R/3 framework, instate the memory, make cradles and begin dealing with the solicitations from clients and actually using of equipment assets.The bit is additionally answerable for beginning and shutting down all the application administrations like dispatcher, message server, gatherer and so on.

Why Kernel Upgrade?

SAP Kernel is the center of the application. Like any remaining applications, the Kernel contains the executable records (.EXE documents for expressing different cycles in SAP).

The Kernel is the core of the working framework. It contains those documents which are utilized to run each occasion in SAP. E.g.|: beginning information base, closures of the data set, beginning sap, closure of sap, saposcol, to uncar the sap records and so forth.

That is the justification for why when a Kernel overhaul is done it implies new renditions of the different EXE documents supplant the more seasoned variants.

How to actually take a look at Kernel Version?

There are numerous ways of actually taking a look at the Kernel Version -Logon to SAP framework and go to SM51 à Release NotesGo to "SAP Service Marketplace. " (https:\\ You will require your OSS ID and secret word.Then go to Downloads à SAP Support Packages - > Entry By Application Group - > SAP Kernel 6.00 64 Bit - > Select your OS (LINUX/WINDOWS/SOLARIS/AIX) - > Database Dependent and Database autonomous Kernel Patch.Two SAR records SAPEXE.SAR and SAPEXEDB.SAR are downloaded from Service Marketplace.

Bit Upgrade Steps:

Create another Directory at OS level with adequate room. Name of Dir can be "exe_new<ddmmyy>".Transfer these SAPEXEDB.SAR and SAPEXE.SAR documents which you have downloaded to the new registry at OS level.Change your ongoing catalog to way .SAR records are made (cd/sapmnt/PR2/exe_new20122006). Check the registry way with order 'pwd' to guarantee you are in the equivalent dir (exe_new<ddmmyy>).

Now uncompress these. SAR documents by sapcar exe. The order utilized for the equivalent would be

Presently make another registry in that way with the name "exe_old<ddmmyy>". Take the reinforcement of existing kernel.Copy (just duplicate not move) the current portion from exe registry to "exe_old<ddmmyy>" Now stop the SAP application. (For portion update the closure of data set isn't fundamental however we want to stop the SAP application)This will duplicate/supplant every one of the records in the current portion registry with another bit documents.Then, at that point, check the portion adaptation from OS level by the order disp+work. It ought to show that the fix number has been expanded.Then, at that point, logon to OS level as root (well defined for UNIX). In the part catalog, there is a content called Execute this content