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SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is likewise called SAP-HR. SAP HCM comprises of significant sub-modules like Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Time, Payroll which will all be talked about exhaustively.

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Area 1-Personnel Administration (PA)

What is SAP HR? Prologue to SAP HCM (First Chapter FREE)

What is an Infotype?

SAP Infotype: Create, Change, Copy, Delete, Overview utilizing PA30, PA20

SAP Fast Entry Tutorial: PA70, PA71

Area 2-Important Infotype T Codes you Must Know

The most effective method to see all Infotypes Saved for an Employee PA10 in SAP

About Infotype 0003 Payroll Status in SAP

What are Time Constraint? SAP HR Tutorial

SAP PA40: Personnel Actions Tutorial

Instructions to erase a Personnel Number: SAP RPUDELPN

Segment 3-Organizational Management

Hierarchical, Enterprise, Personnel Structure in SAP

Learn Organizational Management (OM) in SAP HR

SAP PP01: How to keep up with OM Infotypes

SAP PPOCE: How to make an Organizational Unit

The most effective method to CREATE, COPY and DELIMIT a Position: SAP PPOME

Characterize a Position as Head of Org Unit in SAP

The most effective method to dole out a Job and Cost Center to a Position in SAP

Instructions to show Organizational Structure with Positions

SAP HR Time Management: PA51, PA53, PA61, PA62, PA63

Instructions to Run Time Evaluation: SAP PT60

SAP PT66: How to Check Time Evaluation Results RPTIME

Area 4-Payroll

Outline of Payroll Process in SAP

SAP PA03: Payroll Control Record Tutorial

The most effective method to Execute Payroll in SAP

The most effective method to Check Payroll Results involving PC_PAYRESULT in SAP

The most effective method to Delete Payroll Results in SAP: PU01

Area 5-Must know Payroll Information

What is Off Cycle Payroll? SAP IT267

The most effective method to Audit Payroll in SAP: RPUAUD00

What is Matchcode W in SAP HR?

SAP Wage Types Tutorial: Primary, Secondary, Dialog, Time

Segment 6-Post Payroll-Run Activities

SAP Wage Type Reporter: PC00_MXX_CWTR

Bank Transfer utilizing SAP DME File

SAP FI01: How to Create a BANK KEY

General Ledger (G/L) Posting in SAP: PCP0 and PC00_M99_CIPE

SAP AD HOC Query Tutorial (S_PH0_48000513)

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