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SAP ABAP BDC (Batch Data Communication) Tutorial

SAP ABAP BDC (Batch Data Communication) is a powerful tool that allows you to automate the process of transferring data from external systems into SAP or between different SAP systems. BDC is particularly useful when you need to upload large volumes of data, such as master data, transactional data, or configuration data, into SAP without manual data entry. In this tutorial, we will cover the basic concepts and steps involved in implementing BDC in SAP ABAP.

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1. Introduction to BDC:

BDC is a method used to transfer data to SAP in the form of batch input sessions. A batch input session is a collection of transactions that are recorded and processed as a unit. BDC can be implemented using two methods:

a) Classical BDC: Involves simulating user interactions with screens by recording the transactions and then processing them in the background.

b) Call Transaction Method: Directly calls SAP transactions without user interaction, using ABAP code to input data.

2. Pre-requisites:

Before implementing BDC, you need to identify the data to be uploaded and the target SAP transaction to be used. Also, ensure that proper authorization is provided for the user executing the BDC program.

3. Steps to Implement BDC:

Step 1: Record Transaction The first step is to record the transaction that you want to automate using BDC. This is done in the SAP GUI by entering the transaction code and performing the required actions. The system records all the user interactions and stores them as a sequence of function modules.

Step 2: Create a BDC Program Create an ABAP program in the ABAP Editor (SE38) to implement the BDC logic. Start by declaring the necessary variables, structures, and internal tables to hold the data that will be uploaded.

Step 3: Read Data Read the data from the external source (e.g., Excel, CSV file, database table) into internal tables. Ensure that the data is in the correct format as expected by the SAP transaction.

Step 4: Process Data Loop through the internal tables containing the data and process each record to build the BDC data structures. These structures consist of fields like BDCDATA, which holds information about the SAP screen elements to be filled, like transaction codes, screen numbers, field names, and their corresponding values.

Step 5: Call Transaction or Session Method Depending on the method chosen (Classical BDC or Call Transaction), use the appropriate function module to either create a batch input session or directly call the SAP transaction to upload the data.

Step 6: Error Handling Implement error handling to deal with exceptions that may occur during data processing. Common errors include data conversion issues, missing mandatory fields, or incorrect values. Capture these errors and log them for further analysis.

Step 7: Post Processing After processing the data, check for any error messages returned by SAP and handle them appropriately. Log the success or failure of the transaction for audit purposes.

Prologue to Batch input

Cluster input is commonly used to move information from non-R/3 frameworks to R/3 frameworks or to move information between R/3 frameworks.An information move strategy permits you to move datasets naturally to screens having a place with exchanges, and subsequently to a SAP framework. Clump input is constrained by a bunch input meeting.In this instructional exercise you will learn:

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Clump input meeting

Bunches a progression of exchange assembles with input information and client activities . A clump input meeting can be utilized to execute a discourse exchange in cluster input, where some or every one of the screens are handled by the meeting. Group input meetings are put away in the data set as data set tables and can be involved inside a program as inward tables while getting to exchanges.

Focuses to note

BDI works via completing typical SAP exchanges similarly as a client would however it execute the exchange automatically.All the screen approvals and business rationale approval will be finished while utilizing Batch Data Input.It is reasonable for entering huge measure of information.No manual cooperation is requiredTechniques for Batch InputSAP give two essential strategies to moving heritage information in to the R/3 System.

Traditional Batch Input strategy

In this strategy an ABAP/4 program peruses the outside information to the SAP System and stores in a cluster input meeting.

In the wake of making the meeting, you can run the meeting to execute the SAP exchange in it.

This strategy utilizes the capability modules BDC_ OPEN, BDC_INSERT and BDC_CLOSE

Clump Input Session can be process in 3 ways

In the closer view

Experience the difference

Behind the scenes

During handling, with mistake show

You ought to deal with bunch input meetings in the frontal area or utilizing the mistake show if you have any desire to test the information move.

To execute the information move or test its presentation, you ought to handle the meetings behind the scenes.

Focuses to note about Classical Batch Input strategy

Simultaneous handling

Move information for various exchanges.

Simultaneous information base update.

A group input process log is produced for every meeting.

Experience the difference

Meeting can't be produced in equal.

You will regularly notice the accompanying grouping of moves toward foster Batch Input for your association

Investigation of the inheritance information. Decide how the information to be moved is to be planned in to the SAP Structure. Additionally observe fundamental information type or information length changes.

Create SAP information structures for involving in send out programs.

Send out the information in to a consecutive record. Note that character design is expected by predefined SAP group input programs.

In the event that the SAP provided BDC programs are not utilized, code your own clump input program. Pick a fitting clump input strategy as indicated by the circumstance.

Process the information and add it to the SAP System.

Break down the interaction log. For the CALL TRANSACTION strategy, where no legitimate log is made, utilize the messages gathered by your program.

From the aftereffects of the cycle investigation, right and go back over the wrong information.

Composing BDC program

You might notice the accompanying system to compose your BDC program

Dissect the transaction(s) to deal with clump input information.

Settle on the cluster input strategy to utilize.

Peruse information from a consecutive document

Perform information transformation or mistake checking.

Putting away the information in the clump input structure,BDCDATA.

Produce a group input meeting for old style clump input,or process the information straightforwardly with CALL TRANSACTION USING explanation.

Making Batch Input Session

Open the bunch input meeting utilizing capability module BDC_OPEN_GROUP.

For every exchange in the meeting:

Fill the BDCDATA with values for all screens and fields handled in the exchange.

Move the exchange to the meeting with BDC_INSERT.

Close the cluster input meeting with BDC_CLOSE_GROUP

Take the next step

Group Input Recorder

Group input recorder (System > Services > Batch input > Recorder) records exchanges which are physically placed and makes a cluster input meeting which can be executed later utilizing SM35.

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