Public Relations Course Admission 2023-24 - Shikshaglobe

Careers in Public Relations

Graduates have the opportunity to work in several businesses and industrial public relations and also some corporate communications where they are trained in political public relations. Many professional fields cover the private sector, agricultural public affairs, education, media, and media relations. It enhances awareness and critical analysis on the position and procedures of public relations in institutions and culture and improves practical knowledge for PR design and implementation including analytical skills and expertise and understanding and appreciation and goals that arise from PR as a strategic methodology of management. The curriculum is useful for studying the current strategies needed to succeed in the rapidly-changing communications world as well as how administrations use PR for several reasons. Graduates acquire useful skills such as writing press releases, arranging press conferences, developing PR events, discussing them, listening to negative news, utilizing online and social networking sites dynamically. They understand how and when to communicate with the media, understand their needs, optimize favourable advertising and reduce negative publicity for their customers. As a promising career, candidates may choose this course as one's career choice and there are many options to choose from.

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

Communications specialist: Communications professionals assist companies by maintaining all of a company's security and external interaction and reflecting the business with the outside world. They prepare media releases, reply questions from the media, assemble documents, schedule events and press conferences. Communications specialists establish and execute a communication strategy that also requires media coverage and the development of content on social networking sites. They study and write news releases, and website content, blog posts, journals and newsletters for the organization. They acquire and preserve a comprehensive understanding of the policies, values and objectives of the organization, and actually deal with appropriate changes.

Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Officer is responsible for implementing promotional campaigns, organizing events and interacting with the press to keep the client's favourable image. A Public Relations officer is essentially responsible for maintenance popularity. They utilize all media and networking methods to create, sustain and handle their clients' credibility.

Customer Service Manager: A Customer service Manager, also referred to as a customer support supervisor, maintains a company's employees are comfortable. Their responsibility should be to provide excellent customer service by managing and inspiring the support team, designing reward programs and developing objectives for customer service.

Research Analyst: A Research Analyst carries out analysis and provides information and knowledge to help an organization to market its services and products. They gather information including, customer preferences, expectations, requirements, and purchasing patterns and use statistical methods and software to analyze this information.

Events Executive: Event Planners or event coordinators, event managers execute activities including identifying and scheduling sites, working very closely with clients and vendors, overseeing logistics, planning budgets and bookkeeping, managing risk, and providing event documentation. Managers of events plan and arrange marketing, industry, and social functions. They are responsible for maintaining a variety of activities, maintaining interaction with the targeted audience and appropriate promotion of the event's advertisement. Events play a significant role in a company or organisation's development.

Guest Relations officer

A Guest Relations Officer, also identified as a Guest services manager or Guest services associate, is a consumer support individual who generally receives guests at the resort. Guest Relations Officers ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience at a hotel from escorting guests to accommodations to dealing in organizing accommodations. They also manage feedback from visitors, cooperate with the check-in procedure and demonstrate all facilities, like pool facilities and cafes.

Public Relations Officer: Public relations officers are responsible for the maintenance of an organization's relationship with the public. These professionals commonly write news releases, they reflect the institution for which they operate as well as many other assignments.

Director of External Affairs: A Public Relations Director is a powerful position with multiple duties, such as overseeing personnel, managing or coordinating PR activities, such as written statements or conferences, and interacting with other officials.

Media Relations Officer: A Media Relations Officer establishes and maintains a nice picture for a particular business, agency, public persona or product with the use of a broad range of media as well as through organized marketing campaigns and PR initiatives.

Average Salary

The average income provided to public relations Diploma holders varies between Rs. 20,000 to 70,000 per month depending of course on the student's institution, degree, expertise and experience. Candidates with higher experience in such a field are guaranteed to have handsome salary employment.

For a beginner in PR, the pay package might differ from Rs 15,000 and above depending on skills and education. whenever they accept a job as Personal Secretary to CEO, they could receive anywhere in between Rs three lakhs to four lakes per year. Public Relations Executive, Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Officer earns yearly rupees two lakhs to six lakhs, almost seven lakhs and eight to nine lakhs respectively. Communications specialists earn four to five lakhs rupees per annum. Research analysts also make a good amount of salary, around three lakh rupees to four lakh rupees per annum.

Level                                    Average monthly salary

Entry-level                        Rs. 15,000

Mid - Level                        Rs. 20,000 to 70,000

Top - Level                        Rs. 50,000 and above

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