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A processor is utilized to change the Samplers in their degree.There are 2 Types of processors:Pre-processorPost-processorPre-processor:Pre-processor executes some activity prior to making Sampler Request.Think about a basic model: suppose you needed JMeter to "insect" through the site under test, parse link(check all connections on the page) and return the HTML. You would add some activity, for example, "HTML interface parser" to your regulator prior to making a HTTP demand.Post-processor:Post-processor executes some activity in the wake of making a Sampler Request.

Think about a straightforward model: JMeter sends a HTTP solicitation to the web server under test (and so forth and get the reaction. You maintain that JMeter should stop the testif the server reaction is a blunder. You can utilize the post-processor to do above task as follows:Post Processor ExampleThis instructional exercise will show you bit by bit guidelines on the most proficient method to involve Post-processor in JMeter. Let start with the basic test script.JMeter sends a HTTP solicitation to the web server under test gets a reaction from the Google server.Assuming server reaction is a blunder, JMeter will stop the test.In the event that server reaction OK (no mistake), JMeter will proceed with the test.Here is the guide of this model:

At the point when you enter "abc" to the way, JMeter will make a URL solicitation to Google server: There is no such thing as this Url on Google server. It is off-base URL demand so Google server will return a mistake.Run TestSelect View Result Tree, press Run button on Menu bar. You will see the blunder reaction from Google server and the test will stop with out finishing 100 strings.Check whether you are interfacing with the web through an intermediary. On the off chance that indeed, eliminate the intermediary.Open another occurrence of JmeterOpen the ProcessorTestPlan.jmx in JmeterDouble tap on Thread Group - > View Results TreeRun the Test

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