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A trigger is a set of actions that are automatically executed when an event occurs. Triggers can be used to automatically execute stored procedures, enforce data integrity, or perform other custom actions. PostgreSQL triggers are similar to stored procedures in that they are blocks of code that are executed when a specific event occurs. However, triggers have some key differences from stored procedures. First, triggers are always associated with a specific table or view and are only executed when an event occurs on that table or view. Second, triggers can be configured to execute before or after the event occurs. Finally, triggers can be set to execute for each row affected by the event or just once for the entire event.A PostgreSQL trigger is a database object that is automatically invoked when a specified event occurs on a database table. Triggers can be used to enforce data integrity, perform auditing, and implement complex security authorization policies. PostgreSQL provides four types of triggers: Row-level triggers, Statement-level triggers, BEFORE triggers, and AFTER triggers.Row-level triggers are fired for each row that is inserted into, updated in, or deleted from the table. Statement-level triggers are fired once per SQL statement, regardless of how many rows are inserted, updated, or deleted by that statement. BEFORE and AFTER trigge A trigger is a set of actions that are automatically performed when an event (such as an insert, update or delete) occurs in the database. Triggers are used to maintain the integrity of the data, to enforce business rules or perform other actions whenever data in a table is modified.PostgreSQL supports multiple triggers per table, and each trigger can be associated with any number of events (e.g., insert, update or delete).PostgreSQL trigger is a database object that is attached to a table. It gets fired whenever an event occurs on the table. The most common type of event is INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE. PostgreSQL triggers can be used to enforce data integrity, perform computations and logging, or anything else you might need to do when data in a table changes.


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