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PostgreSQL has a rich set of native data types available to users. These data types can be grouped into several categories: character types numeric types date/time types interval types Boolean types and geometric types. In addition there are array types bit strings and network address types. PostgreSQL also provides a number of domain-specific data types for special applications.PostgreSQL has a large number of data types available for use. These data types can be broadly divided into several categories:-Simple data types: These are the most basic data types and include things like integers floats and strings.-Complex data types: These data types are more complex than the simple data types and include things like arrays objects and user-defined types.-Specialized data types: These data types are designed for specific purposes and include things like geometry network address and bit string.PostgreSQL supports a wide range of data types including: Boolean Integer BigintRealDouble precisionSmallserialMoneycharacter varying (varchar)character varying (text)Among these data types the most commonly used are the Boolean Integer Real and character varying (varchar) data types.


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