PostgreSQL BETWEEN - Shikshaglobe

PostgreSQL's BETWEEN operator is used to check if a value lies within a range of two other values. The range is defined by two given values, which can be numbers, text, or dates. If the value being checked is equal to one of the given values, the result will be trueBETWEEN is an inclusive range operator that allows you to specify a range of values to be matched by a query. The BETWEEN operator is used with the following operators: =, <, >, <=, and >=. For example:To select all records with a value between 1 and 10:SELECT * FROM table WHERE value BETWEEN 1 AND 10;PostgreSQL BETWEEN is a handy way to select a range of values. It's especially useful when you want to select all values between two dates or numbers. All you need to do is specify the start and end point of the range. PostgreSQL will automatically select all values between those two points, including the start and end point itself.


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