Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management Course Admission 2023-24 - Shikshaglobe

Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership| PGDEL 

 The program is designed to equip the academic as well as executive/ directorial professionals in education sector to understand the important confines of educational Leadership and develop chops, capabilities and stations which can empower them as educational leaders to fortify their institutions/ associations and also enable them to pave new pathways to transfigure the education system so as to lead the society towards development. 

 The program comprises of proposition & internship factors, designed to be transacted in a amalgamated mode to grease the working professionals. The scholars will be anticipated to attend some daily classes in person. For internship purposes they will be attached to the institutions accessible to them to carry out their action exploration systems and find their instructors. The forum donations will be an important element of the program wherein each pupil will make regular donations followed by peer- group conversations. The pupil will also maintain a reflection journal to exercise the path of tone- directed, tone- regulated and tone- assessed trip as an educational leader. 

 Course Delivery & Assessment 

 P G Diploma in Educational Leadership is an online program which specifically targets the working professionals for whom attending in- class trainings isn't a feasible option. The entire course is available online and the applicants will be suitable to pursue the course from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and avoid the hassles of traveling to attend the training. Also, online courses are comparatively cheaper than in- class programs, which keep it within the reach of a large section of people. 

As you complete all your payments, you'll be handed with a unique username and word and web address. By logging in with the information handed, you'll get access to all the study accoutrements which are available online. Piecemeal from theoretical study accoutrements, you'll also be handed with audio-visual accoutrements to help you understand the course more as well as give you a classroomfeeling.All the assessments included in the course are operation grounded and are designed to test the seeker’s moxie and skill on the subject. 

 We at ACT, will give you with constant Tutor Support throughout the course, where you'll admit guidance from our educated teachers who'll help you with all your dubieties and queries during the course program. 

 Learning Issues 

 Knowledge of principles, propositions & styles of educational leadership Understanding of the strengths and sins, advantages and disadvantages of different propositions & styles of educational leadershipKnowledge & Chops for the development of educational leadershipKnowledge & Chops for the development of mortal resourcesAbility to fortify educational institutionsDevelopment of vision to transfigure the education system for the development of societyDevelopment of Edupreneurial chops and station to initiate educational enterprisesCritical understanding of issues and challenges faced by an educational leaderReflective practice for the development of tone- directed & tone- regulated path of leadership 

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