Post Graduate Diploma in Research Methodology and Statistics Course Admission 2022 - 2023 - Shikshaglobe

Develop a strong foundation in the proposition and practice of data wisdom, and learn specialist chops in statistics. 

 Data wisdom is decreasingly important to the global frugality and is impacting scientific progress across multitudinous fields from bioscience, to energy and telecommunications. We will give you with the tools to come an assiduity expert with a strong fine foundation. 

Who's this course for? 

 This course is designed for graduates who have limited experience of statistics and would like to develop their knowledge in this area. The first semester will give you general programming and machine literacy development chops. The alternate semester is concentrated on statistics, and will give you the chops and knowledge to challenge real- world data using more advanced logical ways. 

 Course highlights 

 Work with a devoted platoon of computer scientists and mathematicians who have a wealth of experience from their professional backgrounds. 

 Learn strong statistical foundations of universal applicability as well as gaining moxie in statistics and probabilistic modelling, including the design, collection, analysis and donation of data. 

 Study machine literacy ways and software technologies central to putting this knowledge into practice, addressing the challenges of small and large data sets. 

 Be part of our probative postgraduate community. 

 Live and study in a beautiful world heritage megacity. 

 Design exemplifications 

 The exploration moxie in the department allows for a wide- range of subjects for your final design at the end of the course. Recent exemplifications from Data Science scholars include 

 Deep Literacy in high frequence fiscal trading 

 Spatiotemporal timing prognostications in areas with a low viscosity of public transport 

 Career prospects 

 After scale you ’ll be well placed to progress into a wide variety of careers in data wisdom, from large- scale established marketable enterprises to innovative technology start- ups. You will also have acquired the essential foundation for farther postgraduate study and exploration within affiliated fields. Recent graduate places include Data Scientist, Machine Learning Inventor, Python Inventor and Software Mastermind. 

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