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Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology is the Diploma level Archaeology course. Antiquarianism is the investigation of mankind's set of experiences and ancient times through the removal of destinations and the examination of antiquities. The program gives proper schooling and preparing in the recuperation, examination, and translation of archeological materials and setting while at the same time guaranteeing that an adequate foundation is acquired in at least one conventional related field like works of art, workmanship history, human studies, and history. A vocation is particularly popular since archeologists ought to spend limitless hours and days setting up camp and undertaking hands-on work at labs and in exhuming destinations. A classicist, consequently, should have the persistence to chip away at a venture that might require months and even a very long time to finish.

Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Eligibility

•             Hopeful understudies ought to have passed B.A./B.Sc. or then again some other identical capability with at least half checks.

•             A portion of the extremely rumored colleges and foundations lead placement tests for affirmation.

Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Syllabus

Schedule of Archaeology as recommended by different Universities and Colleges.

Duration         =  1 Years

Level                =  Diploma After Graduation

Type                = Diploma

Qualification = Graduation

Sr. No.  Subjects of Study

1              Principle and Methods in Archaeology

2              World Prehistory

3              Indian Prehistory

4              Political History of India

5              Proto-history

6              Early Iron Age of India

7              Early Indian Art

8              Indian Architecture

9              Research Methodology

10           Ancient Indian Iconography

11           Palaeography and Epigraphy

12           Ancient Indian Numismatics

13           Dissertation and Comprehensive viva

                Elective Courses

1              Museum Methods and Antiquarian Laws

2              Archaeology of Kerala

3              Ancient Religions of India

4              Islamic Architectural landmarks at Delhi and Agra

5              Science in Archaeology

6              Field Archaeology Exp

7              Study Tour

Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Colleges

•             Kuvempu University, Shimoga

•             Place for Heritage Studies, Ernakulam

•             College of Lucknow, Lucknow

Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Course Suitability

•             The course is appropriate for those individuals who determine vanity in finding a piece of history and culture tragically missing in the residue of time.

•             The individuals who need to acquire more extensive information and comprehension of the various fields that exist inside Archaeology, or to concentrate their examinations in a field are appropriate for it.

•             They ought to likewise have the option to apply hypothetical and logical standards and ideas to archeological issues; hands-on work, post-unearthing, and research facility strategies.

How is Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Course Beneficial?

•             The course is valuable for the people who have finished their graduation/four-year certification in any of the accompanying fields of History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Geology.

•             On the off chance that an up-and-comer is intrigued to seek after a course in paleohistory, he ought to participate in the best establishments in India.

•             The course shows them how to apply factual and mathematical procedures to deal with archeological information.

•             They can likewise go for additional review choices like M.Phil. also, Ph.D.

Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Employment Areas

•             Schools and Universities

•             Exhibition halls

•             Workmanship Galleries

•             Verifiable Places

•             Public Heritage Management Agencies

Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology Job Types

•             Legacy Manager

•             Translator

•             Filer

•             Gallery Guide

•             Documentation Specialist

•             Legacy Conservator

•             Data Manager

•             Speaker and Teacher

•             History specialist

•             Library Systems Analyst

•             Local area expert

In the wake of finishing a Certificate Course in Manuscriptology you can become :


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