Bengaluru( Bangalore) the capital megacity of the state of Karnataka also known as ‘ The Garden City ’ for its plush auditoriums and verdure in and around the megacity is the idyllic place to indulge in a schoolteacher training program that isn't just perfecting but engaging. The establishment and success of software enterprises in Bangalore after the liberalization of India’s frugality has led to the growth of India’s information technology assiduity. The megacity appertained to as the Silicon Valley of India is home to colorful prestigious public and transnational seminaries and has the second largest knowledge rate among the metropolitan metropolises of India. INTESOL India – unit of INTESOL Worldwide, the colonist in schoolteacher training programs for the once 25 times has linked the megacity as the centre of excellence for conducting our schoolteacher Training Courses( TTC) in colorful situations. Literacy orders The eligibility criterion for our course is veritably simple as anybody who has a 2 degree can share in our colorful schoolteacher training courses which include Parchment in Pre & Primary schoolteacher Training Program  Parchment in Montessori Teacher Training Program 

 Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training Program 

 We enrol original scholars as well as eschewal station scholars. Our courses are also open for scholars from outside the country as we help with safe and secured accommodation options for our enrolled scholars at a near PG/ Guest House/ Hostel/ Hotel accommodation at a important provident rate. 

 Instrument and Job Placements 

 INTESOL courses are certified by the most prestigious and honoured awarding body from UK, ALAP. All the parchment courses have an transnational delegation and are accepted each over the world including the different educational boards in the country. We follow a class which is universal and streamlined so that our schoolteacher can find a place for themselves in the tutoring world with handsome payment packages and job satisfaction. We also give placement backing to our alumni which isn't just in the country but also global. 

 Order of Courses 

Parchment in Pre and Primary schoolteacher Training Program This unique program addresses the requirements of tutoring ways for bothpre-primary and primary sections of the academy as the course empowers the schoolteacher to educate age group between 2- 12 times of children with panache. currently pre seminaries, play seminaries and introductory seminaries are mushrooming each over the metropolises but the question is whether they've the adequately trained tutoring force. Our course aims to annihilate that problem for the seminaries by conducting a course that helps the preceptors to end at the holistic development of a child. The morning time of a child is extremely important in terms of cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. There are colorful methodologies that we give in our course that includes Regio Emilia approach, Project Method, Thematic Method, Nursery Method, Montessori Method, Kindergarten system etc. We concentrate on learning through conditioning as the youthful learners learn the most by doing. Child psychology and child geste is an important aspect which the 21st century preceptors should lead focus on as they're the preceptors and shapers of youthful minds. The responsibility of an abecedarian schoolteacher is immense and its compass can not just be defined by conservative tutoring programs that are locally available. To grease the literacy of a youthful mind a schoolteacher must also concentrate on the rearmost researches done in early nonage studies and we at INTESOL upgrade our courses to train our aspiring preceptors with the necessary knowledge, skill and station needed to work inpre-school and primary academy set ups. 

Eligibility – minimal Qualification needed is 2. 

 Course figure Rs inclusive of [email protected] 18 and other charges. 

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