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A view is a virtual table that is defined by a query. A view is not physically stored in the database like a table. The data for a view comes from one or more real tables in the database. You can think of a view as a window into the data in one or more tables.Views are often used to restrict access to data in a table. For example you might have a table that contains sensitive information that should not be seen by all users of your database. You could create a view of that table that only includes the columns and rows that should be seen by the limited group of users.Views are a logical table based on the result-set of an SQL statement. A view contains no data itself but is like a window through which data from tables can be seen or changed. You can add change or delete rows in a view subject to the following limitations: If the view is based on only one table you can insert and delete rows. If the view is based on multiple tables you can only display data you cannot insert or delete rows.A view is a logical table based on one or more tables or views. A view contains no data itself but is like a window through which data from tables or other views can be seen. You can also think of a view as a virtual table. A view is defined by a query that joins one or more tables. When you create or update data in the underlying joined tables the changes are reflected in the data shown by the view.A MySQL View is a virtual table that is based on the result-set of an SQL statement. A view contains no data itself but gets its data from one or more real tables in the database. A view can be created from one or more tables or other views. For example a view could be created to display only the last names and first names of employees from the employee table.


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