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MySQL's Regular Expressions (REGEXP) function is a powerful and flexible way to search for data in your database. It can be used to find strings of text that match a specified pattern such as email addresses phone numbers or credit card numbers. REGEXP can also be used to find patterns in binary data such as images or documents.MYSQL Regular Expressions (REGEXP) are a powerful way to search and manipulate strings. A regular expression is a patterns that can be used to match one or more characters in a string. REGEXP is available in MySQL version 5.7 and above. There are three ways to use REGEXP in MySQL-The LIKE operator The RLIKE operator The REGEXP_LIKE function Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings. In MySQL regular expressions are supported by the REGEXP operator. The REGEXP operator performs a case-insensitive search for a string within another string. If the search string is found the REGEXP operator returns 1 otherwise it returns


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