Mhrd NTT Course- Shikshaglobe

Mhrd NTT course is a two-year full-time course which is conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The course is designed for teachers who wish to upgrade their teaching skills and knowledge. It covers various aspects of teaching including child development learning theories curriculum planning and assessment methods. Upon completion of the course, teachers will be equipped with the necessary skills to teach in today's rapidly changing educational environment.

The Mhrd NTT Course is a government-approved program that offers training to candidates who wish to become teachers in India. The course duration is two years and it is conducted by the National Council for Teacher Education. The course curriculum covers all aspects of teaching from child development to classroom management. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates are awarded a diploma that allows them to apply for teaching jobs in schools across India.

The MHRD NTT Course is a two-year full-time course that aims to prepare teachers for the primary level of school education. The course is divided into four semesters with each semester lasting six months. The first two semesters are devoted to theory while the second two semesters are devoted to practical training.

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