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Manual Testing Tutorial

Manual testing is a process of testing software manually, i.e., without using any automated tools. It is carried out to find out the defects in the software. A tester manually executes test cases without the help of any tool or script. Manual testing is a time-consuming process as it requires more effort and manpower.

Manual testing is a fundamental testing approach in software development that involves executing test cases and verifying the functionality of an application manually. Testers follow predetermined test scripts to identify defects and ensure the software meets specified requirements. In this tutorial, we will explore the concepts, types, and tools used in manual testing.

1.     Concepts of Manual Testing: a. Test Case: A set of steps, conditions, and data used to execute a specific test scenario. b. Test Plan: A detailed document outlining the testing approach, scope, and schedule. c. Test Strategy: A high-level plan that defines the overall testing objectives and methods. d. Test Execution: The process of running test cases and recording results. e. Defect Reporting: Documenting and tracking issues found during testing. f. Regression Testing: Re-testing modified functionalities to ensure new changes do not impact existing features. g. Test Closure: Finalizing testing activities and delivering the testing artifacts.

2.     Types of Manual Testing: a. Functional Testing: Validating that the software performs its intended functions correctly. b. GUI Testing: Ensuring the graphical user interface is user-friendly and functions as expected. c. Integration Testing: Verifying the interaction between different components of the application. d. System Testing: Testing the entire system as a whole to assess its compliance with requirements. e. User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Evaluating the software from the end-user's perspective. f. Exploratory Testing: Ad-hoc testing where testers explore the application without predefined test scripts. g. Smoke Testing: A preliminary test to check if basic functionalities work before further testing. h. Ad-hoc Testing: Informal testing without predefined test cases.

3.     Manual Testing Tools: a. Test Management Tools: Tools like HP ALM, TestRail, or Jira allow test planning, execution, and defect tracking. b. Bug Tracking Tools: Tools such as Bugzilla and Jira are used to log, track, and manage defects. c. Excel: Manual testers often use Microsoft Excel for test case management and defect tracking. d. Screen Capture Tools: Tools like Snagit or Green shot help capture screenshots during testing. e. Browser Developer Tools: Built-in browser tools (Chrome Dev Tools, Firefox Developer Tools) assist in inspecting and debugging web applications. f. Documentation Tools: Tools like MS Word or Confluence are used to create test plans and other testing documentation.

Best Practices for Manual Testing:

1.     Understand the requirements thoroughly before designing test cases.

2.     Create clear and comprehensive test cases, including preconditions and expected results.

3.     Prioritize test cases based on criticality and business impact.

4.     Perform ad-hoc testing to uncover unexpected defects.

5.     Execute test cases in a controlled environment to minimize external influences.

6.     Document and track defects systematically with detailed information.

7.     Collaborate with the development team to ensure a clear understanding of issues.

8.     Conduct test case reviews for accuracy and completeness.

9.     Perform regression testing after each code change or new feature implementation.

10. Maintain detailed test documentation for future reference and audits.

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There are various concepts in manual testing such as test design, test execution, test management, etc.

Test design is the process of creating test cases. Test execution is the process of executing those test cases and reporting defects. Test management is the process of managing the complete testing process.

Manual testing can be classified into various types such as functional testing, non-functional testing, regression testing, etc. Functional testing checks if the software functions as per the requirements. Non-functional testing checks for performance, security, etc. Regression testing is done to check if there are any defects after changes have been made to the code.

Manual testing is a process of manually testing software for defects. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user, and use most of the application's features to ensure correct behavior. Manual testing is a time-consuming and often expensive process, but it is necessary to verify that the software meets all requirements.

There are four main types of manual testing: functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and performance testing. Functional testing verifies that the software functions as intended. Usability testing checks that the software is easy to use and understand. Compatibility testing ensures that the software works with different browsers, operating systems, and devices. Performance testing measures how well the software responds to various workloads.

Test management tools help testers plan, execute, and track their tests. Issue tracking tools help testers keep track of defects found during testing.  Manual testing is a process of testing software to find defects without the use of automation tools. In manual testing, a tester manually executes test cases without using any tool or script. Manual testing is a time-consuming process as it requires more effort and manpower. cases are executed physically by an analyzer without utilizing any computerized instruments.

Any new application should be physically tried before its trying can be mechanized. Manual Software Testing requires more exertion yet is important to really look at mechanization practicality. Manual Testing ideas don't need information on any testing apparatus. One of the Software Testing Fundamental is "100 percent Automation is absurd". This makes Manual Testing basic.

The vital idea of manual testing is to guarantee that the application is sans mistakes and it is working in conformance with the predefined practical necessities.

Test Suites or cases, are planned during the testing stage and ought to have 100 percent test inclusion.

It likewise ensures that detailed imperfections are fixed by designers and yet again testing has been performed by analyzers on the decent deformities.

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Fundamentally, this testing checks the nature of the framework and conveys bug items to the client.

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Kinds of Manual Testing:

Manual Testing Concepts

Underneath the given outline portrays Manual Testing Types. As a matter of fact, any kind of programming testing type can be executed both physically too utilizing a computerization instrument.

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Discovery Testing

White Box Testing

Unit Testing

Framework Testing

Joining Testing

Acknowledgment Testing

Step-by-step instructions to perform Manual Testing

Peruse and comprehend the product project documentation/guides. Likewise, concentrate on the Application Under Test (AUT) if accessible.

Draft Test cases that cover every one of the necessities referenced in the documentation.

Audit and gauge the experiments with Team Lead, Client (as pertinent)

Execute the experiments on the AUT

Report bugs.

Whenever bugs are fixed, again execute the weak experiments to confirm they pass.

Manual testing is a crucial piece of easy-to-use programming improvement since people are engaged with testing programming applications and end-clients are likewise people. They need to think and act from an End User viewpoint.

Conclusion: Manual tesg plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications. Understanding the concepts, types, and tools of manual testing empowers testers to conduct efficient and effective testing processes. By adhering to best practices, testers can deliver high-quality software products, meeting customer expectations and business requirements.

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