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Jmeter Distributed (Remote) Testing: Master Slave Configuration

In JMeter, Distributed Testing, also known as Remote Testing, is a powerful feature that allows you to distribute the load of your performance tests across multiple machines. This configuration involves setting up a Master-Slave architecture, where one machine acts as the Master, controlling and coordinating the test, while the other machines act as Slaves, executing the test plan and generating load. This setup is especially useful when you need to simulate a large number of virtual users to test the scalability and performance of your web application or server.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up JMeterDistributed (Remote) Testing in a Master-Slave configuration:

Step 1: Prepare JMeter on Master and Slaves

1.     Install JMeter on the Master machine and all Slave machines that will participate in the distributed test.

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Step 2: Configure the Master Machine

1.     Open JMeter on the Master machine.

2.     Go to "Run" > "Remote Start" to start the remote testing configuration.

3.     In the "Remote Start" window, click the "Add" button to add the IP addresses or hostnames of the Slave machines. Each entry should be in the format "IP_address_or_hostname[:port]".

4.     Specify the necessary number of threads (virtual users) and the test duration in the "Number of Threads" and "Duration" fields.

5.     Click "Start" to initiate the Master for distributed testing.

Step 3: Configure the Slave Machines

1.     Open JMeter on each Slave machine.

2.     Go to "Options" > "Remote Start" to configure the Slave settings.

3.     In the "Remote Start" window, leave the "Server" IP field empty (or specify "localhost") and set the "Server Port" to the same port specified in the Master machine's "Remote Start" configuration.

4.     Click "Start" to enable the Slave for remote testing.

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Step 4: Run the Test

1.     Once the Master and all Slaves are configured, return to the Master machine.

2.     Load your JMeter test plan or create a new one on the Master.

3.     Ensure that all necessary JMeter plugins and libraries are available on both Master and Slave machines to avoid compatibility issues.

4.     Start the test on the Master machine by clicking the "Run" button or selecting "Start" from the menu.

5.     JMeter will distribute the test plan among the Slaves, and each Slave will execute its designated load as per the configuration.

Step 5: Monitor and Analyze Results

1.     During the test execution, monitor the performance of the Master and Slaves to ensure they are running smoothly without any errors.

2.     Once the test is complete, collect and analyze the results from all Slaves to get a comprehensive view of your application's performance under the specified load.

By setting up JMeter Distributed (Remote) Testing in a Master-Slave configuration, you can efficiently simulate heavy loads and analyze the performance of your web application or server. This approach allows you to scale your testing efforts and generate realistic load scenarios, giving you valuable insights into the application's behavior under real-world conditions.

Distributed Testing Disseminated Testing is a sort of testing which utilize various frameworks to perform Stress Testing. Disseminated testing is applied for testing sites and server applications when they are working with different clients at the same time. Appropriated testing involves client-server model as the figure beneath: Ace: the framework running JMeter GUI, control each slave. Slave: the framework running JMeter-server, get an order from the expert and send a solicitation to a server under test. Focus on: the web server under test, get a solicitation from slaves. Remote Test Example Precondition:

The firewalls on the frameworks are switched off. Now and again, the firewall might in any case impede the traffic. You ought to handicap the Window firewall or Linux firewall.Every one of the machines ought to be on the equivalent subnet. In the event that machines are not on the equivalent subnet, perhaps they won't perceive each other in the organization.Utilize a similar variant of JMeter to stay away from unforeseen blunders/issues.Here is the guide for this testing:Run the testRight now, you are prepared to begin load testing. On the expert machine, run JMeter GUI and open the test plan.Click Run on the menu bar; select Remote beginning - > select the IP address of slave machine

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Cripple Firewall on both expert and slave machines to fix this blunder. Restriction: There are a few fundamental limits for conveyed testing. Here's rundown of the known things: Server and all clients should be on the equivalent subnet. Appropriated testing expected target server to have the enormous handling power. The objective Server could be handily over-burden on the off chance that it gets an excessive number of solicitations by conveyed JMeter tests. A solitary JMeter can deal with a predetermined number of strings (100-300 strings).The dispersed JMeter tests are intricate, hard for a novice to fabricate.

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