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What is an Infotype?

A SAP Infotype is a data unit used to store worker important information expected for organization purposes.

It has a 4 digit-code and a connected name. It stores comparable information into one screen.

For instance, Personal Data (Infotype 0002) stores the worker's very own information (i.e., first name, last name, birth date, conjugal status).

Each SAP infotype has fields for which information should be placed. There are two sorts of fields:

Required fields, which have a tick in the field. What is an Infotype?

Discretionary fields, which are blank.What is an Infotype

Number reaches for infotypes have not set in stone by SAP. They are as followed:

HR/Payroll Data = Infotype 0000 to 0999

Hierarchical Data = Infotype 1000 to 1999

Time Data = Infotype 2000 to 2999

Approval to get to SAP HR Master Data can be characterized at the infotype level. Hence, SAP clients can be given admittance just to the workers' data important for their situation, permitting suitable degree of safety to be kept up with for secret staff data.

Infotypes Sub-Types

Some infotypes are partitioned in various gatherings connected to a similar theme.These bunches are called subtypes. "Super durable Residence" and "Crisis Address" are subtypes of the Infotype 0006 (Addresses).

Infotype Periods

Infotypes are kept up with as per explicit legitimacy dates : begin and end dates. which permits to keep a worker's information history. At the point when you update a worker's information, the past information is in all probability consequently time-delimited. Subsequently, a representative can have many records for one infotype, with various legitimacy periods.

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What is an Infotype


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