IIT JAM 2023-24 Counselling , Admission List , Cut Off

IIT JAM 2023-24 test will be conducted in two sessions. IIT Guwahati is going to conduct IIT JAM 2023-24 for Chemistry, Geology, and Mathematics papers, in the morn session and drugs, Mathematical Statistics, Biotechnology, and Economics papers in the autumn session. 

 As per IIT JAM 2023-24 test Pattern, the question paper is going to correspond of 60 questions- 30 MCQs, 10 MSQs, and 20 NAT questions. Check IIT JAM 2023-24 test Pattern 

 IIT Guwahati has opened the window for IIT JAM 2023-24 Mock Test. campaigners can pierce thesubject-wise mock test atjam.iitg.ac.in. 

IIT JAM Syllabus is different for each of the papers- Geology, Biological lores, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics and Biotechnology. 

 What's IIT JAM test? IIT JAM is a public- position entrance test conducted for admission in MSc and other PG courses at IITs and integratedPh.D. courses at IISc, Bangalore along with other government- funded institutes. IIT JAM is conducted every time in the month of February and grounded on IIT JAM scores campaigners can get admission to colorful courses. 

IIT JAM 2023-24 Eligibility Criteria 

 Those wishing to appear in IIT JAM will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria given below 

 nation Citizens from Indian countries and foreign citizens are eligible. 

Age Limit There's no age restriction. 

 Educational Qualifications Must have a degree in Bachelor’s in Science in any one of the following subjects – Geology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Physics, Chemistry. Final time campaigners are also eligible to apply. 

 Minimum Marks No minimum marks demand to apply for IIT JAM 2023-24. 

 evidence of having passed the Qualifying Degree with the Minimum Educational Qualifications( MEQs) as specified by the Admitting Institute should be submitted by September 30, 2023-24. 

IIT JAM 2023-24 test Pattern 

 The test pattern of IIT JAM 2023-24 has been given below 

 Test papers- Mathematical Statistics, Biotechnology, Geology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics. 

 Mode of test- Online; 

 Duration of test- 3 hours; 

 No. of questions- 60- 30 in section A, 10 in section B, and 20 in section C 

 Medium of IIT JAM Paper- English; 

 Total Marks- The question paper will be for 100 marks. 

 Negative Marking IIT JAM will have negative marking for sectionA. 

 For Section A-1/3 of marks will be subtracted for each wrong 1 mark answer and ⅔ of marks for 2 mark questions; 

For Section B- no negative and no partial marking; 

 For Section C- no negative marking 


 IIT JAM 2023-24 Mock Tests 

IIT Roorkee has released IIT JAM 2023-24 mock test window for all 7 subjects. campaigners can veritably fluently pierce the mock tests as no login credentials are needed to take the test. With the help of IIT JAM 2023-24 Mock Test aspirants can get familiar with the online test pattern and prepare for the factual test.  With the help of IIT JAM Mock Tests campaigners can also calculate their scores and get an idea about the position of their performance 

 After assaying the performance, they can work on the areas which bear enhancement in terms of medication and modification. 

 Use all the tricks or roadway styles that you have learned during the of medication. 

 IIT JAM 2023-24 Preparation 

 In order to prepare completely for IIT JAM 2023, campaigners are requested to go through and apply the following medication tips 

While studying for an test like IIT JAM 2023 wherein the syllabus is total, campaigners are requested to make a schedule in order to be suitable to manage their time effectively. 

 It's advised not to rush through the syllabus. Focus on understanding the fundamentals first as you'll be suitable to handle further complex problems if you have a strong foundation. 

 campaigners mustn't skip on modification. It's important to go through the preliminarily done motifs on a diurnal base and not to leave all modification till the last nanosecond. 

Post learning the motifs, you're advised to exercise sample papers, take mocks and also former times papers as they will help you with time operation while taking the test. 


 IIT JAM 2023-24 Stylish Books for Preparation 

 Biotechnology Biochemistry- Lehninger, Microbiology- Michael PelczarJr., Molecular Cell Biology- Harvey Lodish 

Geology Structural Geology by Prof. Haakon Fossen, Physical Geology by Mukherjee, Geodynamic elaboration of India by KS Valdiya 

 Chemistry rudiments of Nuclear Chemistry-H. J Arnikar, Physical Chemistry- Levine, Chemistry of Organic Natural Products-O.P. Agarwal 

 Mathematical Statistics preface to Mathematical statistics- Hogg & Craig, MathematicalAnalysis-S.C. Malik, preface to the proposition of Statistics- Mod & Graybill. 

 Physics Mathematical styles for Physicists- Arfken, preface to Solid State Physics- Charles Kittel, Heat and Thermodynamics- Mark Zemansky 

Mathematics Integral Calculus- Gorakh Prasad, MathematicalAnalysis-S.C. Malik, figure & Vectors – Vasishtha 

 IIT JAM test Analysis 

 IIT JAM 2023-24 test analysis will be streamlined then after the test is conducted. Given below is former time’spaper-wise analysis of IIT JAM for your reference 

IIT JAM 2023-24 Admit Card 

 In order to download their IIT JAM 2023-24 Admit Card, campaigners need to enter all the obligatory details- issued Registration ID/ Dispatch ID, word, security law and other credentials. In case any seeker has forgotten their registration ID or word, they can recover it through the “ Forget Enrollment ID or word ”option.Check the details given on the admit card duly. In case there's any distinction on the admit card, communicate the concerned authorities incontinently. 


 IIT JAM 2023-24 test Day Guidelines 

 Carrying IIT JAM 2023-24 Admit Card along with valid ID evidence to the test center is obligatory. 

 campaigners reaching late at the test center won't be allowed to enter the test center. 

 No need to carry any pads or rough wastes to the test center. campaigners will be given a scratch pad for rough work. 

 Communication bias like Mobile Phones, Bluetooth, microphones, etc isn't allowed. 

 Particulars like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap, etc are also not allowed. 

 Food particulars opened or packed, water bottles, etc aren't allowed inside the test center. 


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