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Design a base secret word length.

Uphold secret word history strategy with no less than 10 past passwords recollected.

Set a base secret phrase age of 3 days.

Empower the setting that expects passwords to meet intricacy necessities. ...

Reset nearby administrator passwords at regular intervals.

You can utilize the accompanying framework profile boundaries to indicate the base length of a secret key and the recurrence with which clients should change their secret phrase.

login/min_password_lng: least secret word length.

Default esteem: Three characters. You can set it to any esteem somewhere in the range of 3 and 8.

login/password_expiration_time: number of days after which a secret key terminates

To permit clients to keep their passwords unbounded, leave the worth set to the default 0.

Determining Impermissible Passwords

You can keep clients from picking passwords that you would rather not permit. To deny the utilization of a secret phrase, enter it in table USR40. You can keep up with table USR40 with Transaction SM30. In USR40, you can determine impermissible passwords conventionally assuming you need. There are two special case characters:

represents a solitary person

* represents a grouping of any blend characters of any length.

123* in table USR40 denies any secret word that starts with the grouping "123."

*123* precludes any secret word that contains the grouping "123."

Stomach muscle? forbids all passwords that start with "Stomach muscle" and have one extra person: "ABA", "ABB", "ABC, etc.

To set limitation for secret word follow the underneath methodology:-