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Deals Document Types

Deals Documents Types is a 2-person marker, by which the framework process various reports in various way.SAP gives numerous standard deal record types. Deals reports types are utilized in-

Pre - deals exercises (request/citation ).

Deals Order.


Client Complaint.

In Sales requests, there are three levels -

Header level information

Thing level information

Plan level information

In SAP a few standard deals records types are available. We can make custom deals report type by T-code-VOV8. Make Internal No. The range for the deals record type.VN01 is T-code for creation for Internal No. range. We will utilize this inner no. in sync 3.Enter T-code VN01 in the order field in another sap meeting.

Click on Create button for stretch.

T-code for deals reports type in VOV8.

Deals report types list.

To create a new Sales archive type click on How To Create Sales Document Type in SAP

Enter deals report type.

Enter deals record categ from potential passages list.

This screen has various segments as above-

Number System

General Control

Exchange Flow

Booking Agreement



Mentioned Delivery Date


Accessibility Check

We will enter information in the Number System/General control/Transaction stream/Shipping Section.

There are two techniques for a character no. the range for Sales Document.

Inward Assignment - This task works inside and the number for the deals archive produces naturally.

Outside Assignment - This task works remotely. for example underneath the picture number beginning from

General Control

Enter esteem in Check credit limit/Credit bunch/Output application field from conceivable worth rundown/really look at Item Division/Read data record.

Transaction Flow

Enter esteem in screen grouping grp. /exchange bunch/record valuing methodology.

Enter esteem in field Display range/Fcode/citation msg. /Outline arrangement msg.