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What is Partner Function?

Accomplice capability is a two-character recognizable proof key that portrays individuals and associations with whom you do the business, and who are subsequently associated with the exchange. Here is some standard Partner Function for the client

Offered to party

Transport to party

Bill-to party

What is Partner Determination?

The Partner and colleague term in SAP SD alludes to parties with whom you carry on with work. Every colleague plays an explicit part. For example, Offered to party - Business Partner who request the merchandise/Services. The Partner Determination should be possible in three stages

Step 1: Access the CRM/ERP System

1.     Log in to your CRM/ERP system with the appropriate credentials and permissions to access configuration settings.

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Step 2: Navigate to Partner Function Settings

1.     Depending on the system, locate the settings or configuration menu, often found under an "Administration," "Settings," or "Master Data" section.

2.     Find the "Partner Function" or "Partner Determination" settings. This is where you manage partner functions.

Step 3: Create a New Partner Function

1.     Within the "Partner Function" settings, you should see a list of predefined partner functions. To create a new one:

2.     Click on "New" or a similar action button to create a new partner function.

3.     Specify the following details for the new partner function:

·         Partner Function Code: A unique identifier for the partner function.

·         Description: A name or brief description of the partner function.

·         Category: Define the category to which the partner function belongs (e.g., customer, supplier, employee, etc.).

·         Role: Assign a specific role or responsibility to the partner function (e.g., "Billing Contact," "Technical Contact," "Shipping Agent," etc.).

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4.     Save or confirm the creation of the new partner function.

Step 4: Define Partner Function Usage

1.     After creating the partner function, you need to specify where and how it will be used. This is typically done by defining partner function usage:

2.     Find the "Partner Function Usage" or "Partner Determination Procedure" settings within the CRM/ERP system.

3.     Create a new partner function usage or edit an existing one.

4.     Assign the partner function you created in Step 3 to the specific usage you're defining. You may also need to specify the business context in which this partner function will be used (e.g., sales order processing, customer service, etc.).

5.     Save or confirm the partner function usage settings.

Step 5: Test and Verify

1.     To ensure that the partner function is functioning as expected, create or edit a business document (e.g., sales order, purchase order) where partner functions are used.

2.     Assign or select the newly created partner function to a partner or organization in the document.

3.     Verify that the partner function information is correctly recorded and used in the relevant business process.

Step 6: Documentation and Maintenance

1.     Document the partner function and usage for future reference and auditing.

2.     Regularly review and maintain partner functions as needed. You may need to adjust or add partner functions to accommodate changing business requirements.

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Define Partner Function

Create Partner Determination methodology by gathering Partner capability.

Assign the accomplice assurance method to the individual accomplice object.

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Define Partner Function:

Enter T-Code VOPAN in Command Bar.

Select Customer Master Partner Object

Click on Change Button, Partner Determination Procedure Screen shows up.

Enter Partner Function/Name/Partner Type.

Field Name Desc

Accomplice Function Two-character one-of-a-kind identifier for each accomplice capability.

Name A significant portrayal of this accomplice capability.

Accomplice Type It tells whether the accomplice capability is for a client (KU), a merchant (LI), a contact individual (AP, etc.

Partner Determination methodology by gathering Partner capability.

Click on Partner Function in the method hub.

Enter Partner Det. Method/Partner capability/Name.

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