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A request report is an interior archive. It records the data about the solicitation from imminent clients to be circled in the organization and is certainly not an authoritative archive. The data caught is principally the materials and the quantity. More subtleties could be added to the record which is discretionary. The large benefit of making the request is to decrease any business above required for finishing the answer to the client.

T-code for making an Inquiry is - VA11.

Enter T-code VA11 in the order bar field.

Select Inquiry Type from help. In the screen capture, "IN" is chosen for Inquiry.

Enter Sales association/Distribution channel/Division/Sales office/Sales Group.

Select Sales Icon

Ordinarily, all Sales exercises (leaving out the exercises attempted by Marketing capability) can be comprehensively arranged into pre-deals and post-deals exercises.

What is Pre-Sales?

Pre-deals are important before the deals. As such, it incorporates every one of the exercises or cycles that are acted to change a lead or prospect over completely to a paying client or client. The pre-deals idea is relevant across every one of the organizations that arrange with clients and clients to sell their items and administrations. Pre-Sales activities Sales Activities are the undertakings that are performed before the item is offered to a client. These exercises frequently incorporate possibility and qualify leads, item research, statistical surveying, information investigation, client examination, making one-of-a-kind selling recommendations, overseeing bargain capabilities and proposition, and so on. These exercises joined are acted to sell the item.

Pre-Sales Process

A Pre-Sale Process is a bunch of exercises done to change over another client or win another business contract. This cycle begins with the contact stage and finishes once the client is obtained or an item is sold. The pre-deals process stream incorporates errands like making propositions in light of client necessities, item exhibits, and so forth. They are of 2 sorts 1) Inquiries and 2) Quotation: Requests: Inquiry archives are client demand for data about product. (e.g. Is item is accessible, item cost, delivery date, and so on). T-code for Inquiries is -

Quotes: This is a lawfully restricting record to the client, for conveying an item or administration to the client T-code for Quotes is -

VA21 - Create Quotation

VA22 - Change Quotation

VA23-Display Quotation

Pre Sales Support

It characterizes following client contacts by deals visits, calls, letters, and direct mailings.

Client Tracking: Sales staff track clients.

Mailing Campaigns: Sales staff or organizations orchestrate mailing efforts to arrive at clients.

Client phone Queries: Sales support staff answer Customer inquiries.

Post Sales exercises

These exercises incorporate Farming, Relationship Management, and Support.