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Here and there, the client alludes to a material with a layman's name(rather than a specialized name) in the buy request. Consequently, there is a need to plan the client material name with our material code, this interaction is called Customer Material Info Record. T-Code is - VD51 (Create)/VD52 (Change)/VD53 (Display. The most effective method to Create Customer Material is Info Record

Enter T-Code.

Enter T-Code VD51 in the order bar.

Enter client code/deals association/circulation channel.


There are all more than one Tcode for making Material Stock.

MB1C ( Other Goods Receipts) for opening equilibrium production of the material.

MIGO (utilized for Issue/Transfer/Receipt of material).

We use here MB1C Tcode to Create Material Stock as opening equilibrium.

Enter Tcode MB1C in the order field.

Enter Movement Type 561, Plant and Storage area.

Click Enter Button.

After entering the above screen, thing screen underneath shows up-

Enter the Material code for which we want to make stock.

Enter Quantity of material for stock creation.

What is Partner Function?

Assistant capacity is a two-character conspicuous verification key that depicts people and relationships with whom you do the business, and who are in this way connected with trade. Here is some standard Partner Function for the client

Proposed to party

Transport to party

What is Partner Determination?

The Partner and associate term in SAP SD suggest parties with whom you continue with work. Each associate has express influence. For instance, Offered to party - Business Partner who demand the product/Services. The Partner Determination ought to be conceivable in three phases