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Give Technical name of the qualities

Give a significant Description Reference Characteristics is referenced if the new trademark to be made has similar specialized properties of another all around existing trademark.( LCOSTC)Layout is determined if the new trademark to be made has a portion of the specialized properties of a generally existing trademark. (LCOSTC)Stir things up around town button. On consummation of the above step, it takes you to the "Alter Screen" of the Info object. The Info object "Alter Screen" has 6 Tab pages recorded underneath.


Business Explorer

Ace Data/Texts

Ordered progression



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Allow us to see every one of the tab pages exclusively.

Tab Page: General In this Tab Page, enter the accompanying The Technical name of the Info Object Enter the long and Short depiction Enter the information type Enter the length. Any remaining settings in this tab and different tabs are discretionary.

Tab Page: Business Explorer

Every single setting in the Business Explorer tab page is to set default values in the Business Explorer. The Display: "Text" setting on this page concludes whether the worth of the trademark is shown as a literary depiction or as a key in the Business Explorer.

Tab Page: Master Data/Texts

The Check box "With Master Data checkbox" as well as "With Texts" must be chosen for Master Data bearing Info object. By choosing any of these checkboxes, the trademark is intended to bear ace information and it has its own lord information tables. Assuming the trademark needs its own texts, you want to make no less than one text determination. The text can be short, medium or long text with 20, 40, or 60 characters separately. In the screen shot displayed beneath, the Characteristic has ace information table(With ace information check box is checked) yet doesn't have Text table(With Texts is unrestrained).

Tab Page: Hierarchy

An order shows a parent-youngster relationship which comprises of a few hubs and leaves. On the Hierarchy tab page, you decide if the trademark can have ordered progressions and, assuming this is the case, what properties these ordered progressions are permitted to have. If the "With" pecking orders checkbox is checked, progressive systems can be made for this trademark. In the beneath screen shot, the check box is uncontrolled, consequently no pecking order is made for this data object. Ordered progression can be made physically or stacked from the SAP framework or other non sap source frameworks. Progressive system can be utilized to bore down or concentrate explicit data about the business thing.

Model: A continuous situation when Hierarchy can be utilized is as per the following,

Expect on account of a bank, the connection between the primary bank and the different branches under a bank can be kept up with as ordered progression. Where you can remove the data of client subtleties at any branch about its record, credit, due dates for advance installment, etc.

Tab Page: Attributes

Ascribes are only the fields or properties of expert information, there are various kinds of characteristics like showcase credits, navigational traits, leader credits, compound ascribes, etc. You decide if the trademark can have traits or texts. The traits are doled out to the trademark on the Attributes tab page. A few qualities can be added as properties of the expert information qualities in the Attribute tab page. Qualities can be set apart as navigational or show trait by tapping on "navigational characteristic on/off" button. In the event that you characterize credits as show credits, you can utilize these traits just as extra data in announcing when joined with the trademark. In the event that you characterize credits as route ascribes, you can utilize them to explore in detailing. At the point when an inquiry is executed, the framework doesn't recognize route credits and qualities for an Info Provider.

In the model beneath, organization code is navigational.

Show and route credits can be set apart as time-subordinate in the event that a legitimacy period is expected for each characteristic worth.

Tab Page: Compounding

On this tab page, you decide if the trademark is to be compounded to other Info Objects. You frequently need to intensify trademark values to empower trademark values to be interestingly relegated. Some Info-objects can't be characterized without compounding, additionally to plan the information model you need to intensify Info-Objects at some point. If the data object is characterized as a characteristics, it can't be incorporated as intensifying article. Say, for instance, cost focus 1000 represents deals and circulation in controlling region 10, and it additionally represents deals in controlling region 20. For this situation, you would characterize an expense community to controlling region trademark Compounding. Presently save and Activate the Info object.

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How to Create an Info Object with Characteristics

In today's data-centric world, the creation of Info Objects with Characteristics holds pivotal importance. These elements serve as the bedrock of efficient data structures, revolutionizing data warehousing and analysis.

The Significance of InfoObjects

InfoObjects represent the core of data warehousing and business intelligence. They encapsulate specific data attributes, streamlining data management and fostering accurate reporting for informed decision-making.

Exploring InfoObjects with Characteristics

These entities vary from standard attributes to specialized characteristics tailored for diverse industries. Their versatility makes them indispensable across various domains, ensuring precise data modeling and analysis.

Benefits of Mastering InfoObject Creation

Proficiency in InfoObject creation enhances both technical skills and analytical prowess. Professionals equipped with this skillset spearhead data-driven innovations, gaining a competitive edge in their careers.

Impact on Career Advancement

The mastery of InfoObject creation validates expertise and unlocks avenues for specialization, making individuals indispensable assets in data-centric organizations.

Choosing the Right Education Path

Selecting the ideal education route involves aligning personal aspirations with course objectives and considering various learning methodologies.

Online vs. Traditional Education Methods

Online platforms offer flexibility, while traditional methods provide structured learning environments. The choice depends on individual preferences and learning styles.

The Future Trends in InfoObject Creation

Technological advancements like AI-driven data modeling are reshaping the landscape, promising revolutionary advancements in data management practices.

Influence on Student Success

Mastering InfoObject creation significantly impacts academic performance and equips individuals with sought-after skills for the job market.

Addressing Challenges and Solutions

Understanding obstacles in learning Info Object creation enables effective strategizing for a successful learning journey.

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Understanding Pedagogy and Methodology

Exploring teaching approaches aids in comprehending the subject holistically for practical application.

Global Perspective of InfoObject Creation

The global application of InfoObject creation showcases its adaptability across diverse cultures and industries.

Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth

InfoObject creation fosters continuous learning, contributing to personal growth beyond career prospects.

Funding and Scholarships

Numerous funding opportunities ensure accessibility to quality education in this domain.

Case Studies: Real-life Success Stories

Inspiring tales from graduates highlight the transformative impact of mastering InfoObject creation.


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