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About Samarth Scheme

Samarth Scheme is a scheme of the Government of India for capacity building in the traditional crafts sector in a sustainable manner. The scheme was launched in 2019 by the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). Under the scheme, the Cluster Development approach will be adopted for the development of craft clusters. A cluster typically comprises a group of artisans engaged in the same or similar craft activity and is located in close proximity to each other.

Objectives of the Samarth Scheme

The Samarth Scheme is a scheme launched by the Government of India in 2017. The objective of the scheme is to provide employment opportunities to the rural and urban poor through skill development.

The scheme also aims at reducing the migration of workers from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment. Under the scheme, various training programs are conducted for the benefit of the workers.

The training programs are designed to provide skills that are required by the industry.

Features Samarth Scheme

The Samarth Scheme is a government initiative to support the textile sector in India. The scheme provides for a range of measures to support the sector including financial assistance technical support and capacity building. The scheme is designed to improve the competitiveness of the sector and promote sustainable growth.

Samarth Yojana is a government scheme launched in 2017 to improve the competitiveness of the Indian textile sector. The total outlay of the scheme is Rs 1300 crore and it aims to train 30 lakh workers in the textile sector over a period of three years. The scheme also includes a component for setting up an industry-led technical textiles group. Some of the salient features of the Samarth scheme are as follows: - The scheme will provide training to 3 million workers in the textile sector over a period of three years - It will also support the establishment of an industry-led technical textiles cluster - The total outlay of the scheme is 1300 crores - it is being implemented by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Eligible for the Samarth scheme

Samarth Yojana is a scheme launched by the Government of India to provide employment-oriented training. The objective of this scheme is to improve the employability of youth in the age group of 15-35 years from the deprived sections of society. The scheme is being implemented through a network of training institutes across the country.

All Indian citizens in the age group of 18 to 40 years under Samarth Yojana. It is expected that this will increase employment opportunities for the participants and improve their livelihood.

Document Required

Aadhaar Card Mandatory, Address Proof, Passport size Photograph, Ration card.

How to apply for the Samarth scheme Online Website

Samarth Yojana is an online portal that provides an easy and convenient way for people to apply for government schemes and benefits. The website is available in both English and Hindi and is very user-friendly. To apply for a scheme all you need to do is create an account and fill in your personal details. Then you will be able to see all the schemes for which you are eligible and you can easily apply for them.

Visit the official website (( or on the right side of its home page, individuals will find the 'Candidate Registration' menu. Fill out the (Candidate Inquiry Form) and click on 'Submit' to complete the online application process.

Benefits’ of the Samarth schemes

Samarth schemes are the major schemes of the government to improve the social and economic status of Scheduled Tribes (STs) in India. The schemes are being implemented in all the States and Union Territories having Scheduled Tribe populations. The main objective of the schemes is to bring the Scheduled Tribes at par with other sections of the society by providing them with basic facilities and opportunities for their overall development. The schemes cover a wide range of sectors like education, health, housing, livelihood, etc. Some of the major benefits of the schemes include free and compulsory education for ST children up to the age of 14 years, financial assistance for setting up small businesses, housing subsidies, health insurance cover, etc. The scheme has been successful in improving the socio-economic status of STs and helped them to lead better lives.

The Samarth Scheme is a scheme launched by the Government of India to provide employment-oriented training. The scheme aims to provide skills training to 3.5 crore youth in the country. The scheme offers free training and certification as well as placement assistance to the trainees. It also provides for a stipend during the training period.

Frequently asked questions of the Samarth schemes

1. What are the Samarth schemes? The Samarth schemes are a set of initiatives launched by the government of India to improve the quality of life for its citizens. The schemes cover a range of areas from healthcare and education to housing and infrastructure. 

2. How do the Samarth schemes benefit citizens? The Samarth schemes provide citizens with access to better quality services in areas that are essential for their wellbeing. This includes access to quality healthcare education and housing. In addition, the schemes also aim to improve infrastructure in order to make it easier for people to get around and access essential services. 

3. What are some of the key components of the Samarth schemes? Some of the key components of the Samarth schemes include healthcare education housing and infrastructure. These are all areas that are essential for improving the quality of life for citizens.

Agencies of Samarth Schemes

State Governments/Organization Ministry of Textiles, NGOs/Reputed training institutions, Societies/Organizations/Trusts/Companies.



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