Hindustani Music Course Admission 2023-24 Shikshaglobe

This course is for scholars who want to learn about Indian oral music. They need no former singing experience or knowledge of raag to join this course. 

 This course will surely help if 

- You have an interest in music and want to learn to sing. 

- You're ready to start the magical trip of learning Indian raag music 

- You want to learn from a top quality schoolteacher working within a methodical approach. 


Hindustani Oral music is the classical music of Northern India. Shankar Mahadevan Academy provides the unique occasion for scholars far and wide to learn Hindustani Oral music from the convenience of their own home through a largely structured class, a clear path for progression, and instruments for completion. Level instruments are given to scholars at each of seven situations Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni. Each position requires the pupil to complete the courses listed under it and pass the position test. scholars who are new to the Academy start with the first course in each of the situations, depending on previous experience. Entry into any position will bear new scholars to take and pass the assessment for the previous position. 


 This course will introduce you to the basics of Indian Hindustani Classical Music- one of the oldest and most honored forms of music. The vids are short and crisp so that each videotape can be repeated multiple times fluently, thereby helping you master each content before pacing to the coming assignment.  You'll learn to train your cognizance and voice for an effective musical performance.  You'll also learn about different practice ways. You'll be introduced to the conception of Raag and will have access to one of the most common Raags in Hindustani classical music. 

 Some of the crucial motifs covered in the course are 

observance Training- preface to Saptak, Mandra and Taar – What they mean and how they help in framing melodies. Explanation of these saptaks by singing them, so that you can sing along and learn briskly.  Riyaaz ways with exemplifications to be rehearsed everyday. 

Sargam and aakars that can be sung along as well as replayed so that you're pitch perfect! 

Understand the entire conception of Raag Bhupali with an preface to Aarohan and Avarohan along with 2 detailed videotape exemplifications, so that you can fluently grasp this beautiful raag within a veritably short time. This assignment can also be considered as a foundation to learning colorful other Raags.

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