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General Ledger (G/L) Posting in SAP: PCP0 & PC00_M99_CIPE

General Ledger posting is the most common way of presenting the Payroll results on the fitting GL accounts including the expense places

Presenting finance results on Accounting is one of the ensuing exercises performed after a fruitful finance run. It generally happens once every finance period, as well as after each off-cycle finance run.

GL posting does the accompanying

Gathers posting-significant data from the finance results.

Makes summed up archives.

Plays out the important postings to fitting GL records and cost focuses In SAP, General Ledger (G/L) posting is a crucial part of financial accounting where accounting transactions are recorded and updated in the General Ledger accounts. Two common transactions used for G/L posting are PCP0 and PC00_M99_CIPE. Let's understand each transaction in detail:

1.     PCP0 - Enter G/L Account Posting:

PCP0 is a standard SAP transaction code used to manually post accounting entries directly to G/L accounts. It allows users to enter financial transactions and update the General Ledger in real-time. To use PCP0, follow these steps:

a. Access Transaction Code PCP0: Log in to your SAP system and enter PCP0 in the transaction code field.

b. Enter Document Date and Posting Date: In the initial screen of PCP0, you need to specify the document date and the posting date. The document date represents the date of the financial transaction, and the posting date is the date when the entry is recorded in the G/L account.

c. Enter G/L Account and Amount: Next, enter the G/L account number for the account to be debited or credited. Depending on the transaction type (debit or credit), enter the amount in the respective column.

d. Add Additional Information: You can also add additional information such as a reference number, text, or any other relevant details to describe the transaction.

e. Save and Post: After entering all the required information, save the document and post it. The financial entry will be immediately updated in the General Ledger.

2.     PC00_M99_CIPE - Employee Posting Run:

PC00_M99_CIPE is a payroll-specific transaction code used for posting payroll results to the General Ledger. When a payroll run is executed in SAP, it generates various payroll-related postings, such as salary expenses, deductions, and employer contributions. These postings are recorded in temporary accounts initially. To transfer these payroll-related postings to the relevant General Ledger accounts, the PC00_M99_CIPE transaction is used.

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To use PC00_M99_CIPE, follow these steps:

a. Execute Payroll Run: Run the payroll for the employees using the appropriate transaction, such as PC00_M99_CALC or PC00_M99_CWTR.

b. Access Transaction Code PC00_M99_CIPE: Once the payroll is successfully executed, go to PC00_M99_CIPE to transfer the payroll postings to the General Ledger.

c. Enter Payroll Control Record: In the initial screen of PC00_M99_CIPE, enter the payroll control record and other relevant details, such as the payroll area, posting date, and company code.

d. Execute Posting Run: Execute the posting run, and SAP will transfer the payroll-related postings to the relevant G/L accounts based on the configuration and mapping set up in the system.

e. Review and Verify: After the posting run is completed, review the results and verify that the payroll-related postings have been correctly updated in the General Ledger.

Both PCP0 and PC00_M99_CIPE are essential tools for recording financial transactions and updating the General Ledger in SAP. PCP0 is used for manual postings, while PC00_M99_CIPE is specific to payroll-related postings. It's crucial to follow the correct procedures and have appropriate authorizations while performing G/L postings to maintain accurate financial records and comply with regulatory requirements.

How posting is assessed ?

Every worker's finance result contains different compensation types that are applicable to bookkeeping: Wage types like standard compensation, rewards, and extra time address costs for the organization, which are presented on a comparing business ledger. Wage types, for example, bank move, work charge, representative's commitment to social protection, and so on are the business' payables to the representative, the assessment office, and so on. furthermore, are presented as credits on a comparing payables or monetary record. Likewise, there are wage types, for example, the business' medical coverage commitment, which addresses a cost for the venture and, simultaneously, a payable to the social protection organization. Consequently, such compensation types are presented on two records - when charged as a cost, and when credited as a payable. Different kinds of compensation types likewise exist, for instance accumulations, arrangements, and so on. These kinds of compensation types are typically presented on two records, when charged as a cost and when credited as an arrangement.

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Presenting on General Ledger is a 2 STEP process :-

Create a Posting Run

Exchange: PC00_M99_CIPE


This step makes a posting run in view of the finance results, with a "unmistakable number", a "run type PP", and the going with posting records.

The posting run guarantees that finance results for a representative are just posted once

Handled finance results for a representative are hailed

Assuming the posting run is effective, it gets the status "Records Created".

Assuming that the posting run is ineffective, it gets the status "Erroneous Documents". Applicable mistake messages will show up in the Output Log.

A posting run can be executed in 3 Modes:

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A trial without reports (T)

A reenactment run with reproduction reports (S)

A useful run (P)

In a trial, the framework checks just whether the equilibrium between costs and payables is zero, as it ought to be.

Reproduction (S)

In both reproduction and useful runs, the framework checks all HR and RT tables and the posting data in ace information to decide if they exist and whether they are predictable.

Useful Run (P)

At the point when you pick Execute Run for a useful run, the framework plays out the accompanying advances:

Chooses the representatives and their finance results for the assessment

Makes a posting run

Makes posting reports

Program Input Screen

Enter Payroll Area , Selection Criteria , Type of Document Creation , Check Ouput Log , Enter Document Date and Choose a Posting Variant. Click Execute.

Your gateway to success

Yield Log

The log shows whether the posting run was effective for all faculty numbers.

You will acquire the rundown of all representatives chose, in "RED" (demonstrates mistakes or irregularity) or "GREEN" (shows no blunders).

In the Output Log, on the off chance that it is effective posting run, the "Doc. Creation" will show Error-Free. Assuming that it is ineffective, the "Doc. Creation" will show Incorrect.

Record the posting run number.

Assuming that you select the Document Overview button or double tap the Doc. creation line, you can get to the archive outline screen

Editing a Posting Run

Exchange : PCP0

This step gives an outline of ALL archives made during the posting run.

On the other hand, you can likewise get to the archive outline from the Create Posting Run log by picking the Document Overview button or by double tapping on the Document Creation line.

You can bore down through these reports to distinguish the explanations behind which mistakes have happened for ineffective posting run (i.e., with an "Wrong" status).

Posting Run Status

At first the posting run status ought to be Documents made.

On the off chance that status is No records made and you were expecting reports, return to the past Create a Posting Run step and retry.

In the event that there are Incorrect archives audit the mistake message and resolve.

Whenever Error are settled and status is Document Created , Select Release Document Button and status will change to All Document Released

Next click Post reports button , Status will change to Documents Posted.

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