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In this instructional exercise, we will figure out How post a client credit reminder for the Sales Return

Enter the exchange code FB75 in the Command Field

FB75 in SAP: Guide to Post a Sales Returns - Credit Memo

In the following screen, Enter the Company Code for archive to be posted

In the Basic Data tab , Enter the Following information

Enter the Customer ID of the client to be given the credit notice

Enter the Document Date

Enter the Amount to be credited

Enter the duty code utilized in the first receipt

Check the Calculate Tax actually look at box

Enter the Sales Revenue Account for the Original Invoice was posted

Enter the Amount to be charged

check the Tax code

Understanding that SAP can require more than one stage to fix an erroneous passage.

While working with day to day bookkeeping activitiy it's normal for the occassional blunder to happen in information input. SAP has many highlights set up to assist with forestalling information input mistakes however there are times when something is post mistakenly and thus requires a method for fixing the posting.Inside SAP regardless of whether a report has been cleared there are stages one can take to converse and fix the first blunder. What you need to see however, is that due to the coordination between modules the inversion of standard SAP exchanges can require different advances.The interaction portrayed underneath includes an installment and a receipt. For this situation an installment was made on a broken merchant receipt so I will exhibit first how to switch the clearing document(the installment) and afterward turn around required FI records to get the bookkeeping adjusts back to where they were before the flawed receipt was post.

Switching a cleared document(FBRA)

There are times that in the wake of posting a clearing record you need to switch the posting. This work guidance will make sense of how you use t-code FBRA to clear the archive.

Survey Vendor Balance (FK10N In the following screen, Enter the Following Data

Enter the Document number of the Document to be switched

Enter Company code of the Document posting

Enter the Fiscal Year for the Posting

Enter the Reversal Code (Reason for Reversal)

Enter the posting date

Or on the other hand Enter the posting time frame

In the event that Document has distributed a check for installment, Enter the explanation code to void the check.

This instructional exercise will find you through the ways to perform Document Reversal.


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