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In this instructional exercise, we will figure out How to change Customer Documents.

Enter Transaction Code FB02 in the SAP Command Field

Enter the Document Number of the Document to be Changed

Enter the Company Code in which the record was posted

Enter the Fiscal Year of the Document

In this educational activity, you will learn-

The best technique to Create a Customer Master Data

The best strategy to Display Changes in Customer Master

The best strategy to Block or Delete a Customer

The best strategy to Create a Customer Master Data

Enter Transaction code FD01 in SAP Command Field

Select Account Group

Enter extraordinary client id according to number arrive at in Account Group

Enter the Company code in which you want to make the client

Cash due is a submodule of SAP FI used to manage and record Accounting information for the clients in general. It handles client mentioning, supports, segments and other joined works out.Any postings made in Accounts Receivable is restored in General Ledger G/L also. The Accounts Receivable submodule has piles of reports and anticipating that highlights should follow client/shipper extraordinary and segments.

The crucial cycles shrouded in the sub-module are

Remain mindful of Master Data

Credit Management

Receipt Processing

Cash Receipts and Payments

Accounts Analysis and Reconciliation

Here is the quick overview of instructive exercises that will show the above association.

In this educational activity, you will learn-

Each little move toward turn heading to Park a G/L Document Posting

Each little move toward turn headings to Hold a G/L Document Posting

The best technique to Post a Document with Reference in SAP

Each little move toward turn direction to Park a G/L Document Posting

In SAP ,User can be outfitted with Limited Authorization Amount for Posting .For example ,an Accounting delegate has ability to introduce covers a biggest all out $5000. .While overseeing record he observes that the account all out is $10000 for which he doesn't have the power .In such cases, SAP has given Park Facility to the chronicle which allows the client to save the record yet the absolute isn't posted in the G/L Accounts .The report can be hence illustrated by High Authority Personnel who has reasonable posting complete endorsing. Once kept up with , the report is posted in G/L Accounts.

Here is a Demo for Parking a G/L Account Document

Enter Transaction Code FB50 for G/L Account Posting in SAP Command Field

Enter Document Date

Enter G/L Account To be Credited

Enter Credit Amount

Enter G/L Account To be Debited

Enter Debit Amount

A client could have to save the record under following conditions right away

G/L Document is inadequate

Client doesn't has inside and out or clear information

Client necessities to get done or address the report at a later stage

Under such conditions , you can HOLD a report without posting the record total in the G/L Accounts. Here is a Demo for Holding a G/L Account Documentnter two digit momentous cash related year gathering key

Enter a Description for Variant made.

Expecting Fiscal Year can't take the necessary steps not to be year subordinate , that is holding up be start and end dates for cash related year changes between year, select this choice, reliably it is utilized for contracted monetary year.

Conquering Fiscal Year is same as plan year , that is Jan - Dec , then, select this choice.

Enter how much posting time periods for this cash related year

Enter how much unprecedented posting periods for this Fiscal year, that is utilized for shutting exercises.


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