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Quick Entry permits you to make and keep up with the equivalent infotype for different representatives.

It gathers information for all necessary fields into one table in SAP.

It must be utilized for a set number of infotypes, (for example, infotype 0014 and 0015).

Exchange : PA70 and PA71

In this instructional exercise , lets make Fast Entries for IT14

Under Enter Personnel Numbers, Select one of the accompanying:

Enter in Fast EntryScreen: You enter the faculty numbers straightforwardly into the quick passage information table.

Manual Preselection:You physically preselect the faculty numbers utilizing the SEARCH capability.

Preselect Using Report: You select the staff numbers utilizing a standard SAP report.

Preselection With Ad HocQuery: You select the staff numbers utilizing Ad Hoc Query.

SAP gives both of you choices to make information

Create:This is utilized when you need to enter different pay types with various sums.

Make with proposal:This is utilized when you need to enter similar information for every one of the chose representatives.

In this instructional exercise , we will make with proposition.

Click Save to follow through with the responsibility.

You can utilize exchange PA42 to make and keep up with similar Actions for various Employees

In the following SAP screen,

Enter the Country gathering.

Enter the Wage Type

Enter the Wage Type Amount.

Click Next Screen.

Select period radio button

Enter the From and To date of the new records.

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