EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION Course Admission 2023-24 Shikshaglobe

Sarthak Program Overview 

 In India, the population of persons with disability is around26.8 million, constituting2.21 of India’s total population( Census 2011). still, World Bank data proposes the number between 40 to 80 million. But despite the distinction between the figures, it's veritably clear that PwDs constitute a significant part of Indian Population. The statistics states that roughly7.82 million people between the age groups of 20 to 39 times have some or other forms of disability owing to complications at birth, environmental issues or medical conditions. 

 farther, according to a check conducted by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled People( NCPED), the chance of people with disability in transnational companies is as lower as0.05 of the total work force. 

Although, it's a accreditation for the government associations to have 3 of the total work force reserved for people with disability, the factual chance that's enthralled accounts to only0.54. 

 thus, in order to have persons with disabilities brought to a healthy and equal work terrain; training becomes the most important aspect of the Skill Building Program. The campaigners well trained in specific trades will be suitable to work and perform well, therefore, adding to the overall productivity of the association as well as towards the compound GDP of the nation. 


 Malnutrition is the primary reason behind 69 of deaths of children below the age of five in India. Every alternate child in India, belonging to that age group is affected by some form of malnutrition. We're also home to46.6 million suppressed children, a third of the world's aggregate as per Global Nutrition Report 2018. utmost of these children belong to the most vulnerable communities like migratory workers. 

Recognising the significance of Early Childhood Education and Care, Jan Sahas runs enterprise for icing nutrition, early nonage education and watch through capacity structure and system strengthening. We're presently working directly with 418 Integrated Child Development Services( ICDS) centres and has engaged with a aggregate of ICDS centres over the times, covering children, pregnant women and lactating maters , frontline workers and 22 Nutrition Rehabilitation towards our thing to insure that no child dies of hunger and malnutrition. 

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