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Rationale Controllers let you characterize the request for handling demand in a Thread. It allows you to control "when" to send a client solicitation to a web server. For instance, you can utilize Random Controllers to send HTTP solicitations to the server haphazardlyRationale Controllers decide the request where client demand is executed.Some normally utilized Logic regulators are beneathArbitrary Controller:Arbitrary Controller makes all the client demands run in the irregular request in each circle period.For instance, you have 3 client solicitations to site in following request:HTTP demandFTP demanddemand

These 3 solicitations ought to run multiple times. Complete 15 client solicitations will be shipped off Google server by JMeter.In successive request, demands are sent consecutively in following request:HTTP demand - >FTP demand >JDBC demandfor each circle.In arbitrary request, demands are sent as arbitrarilyFTP demand - >HTTP demand >JDBC demandOr then againJDBC demand - >FTP demand >HTTP demandFor each circle.Module Controller:The objective of Module Controller is to add measured quality to JMeter.The overall thought is that web applications comprise of little units of usefulness (for example Logon, Create Account, Logoff… ). This usefulness can be put away in Simple Controller as "modules". Module Controller will pick which module needs to runOther Important Controllers:

Interleave Controller: gets and makes one of client demand run in each circle of the string.Runtime Controller: controls how long its kids are permitted to run.For instance, in the event that you determined Runtime Controller 10 seconds, JMeter will run your test for 10 seconds.Exchange Controller: gauges the general time taken to complete a test executionIncorporate Controller: is intended to utilize an outside test plan. This regulator permits you to utilize different test plans in JMeter. See detail in JMeter Performance Testing.Circle Controller ExampleThis part shows you bit by bit guidance to add Loop Controller set to your ongoing exhibition test plan.

The Loop Controller makes the samplers run as a specific number of times, notwithstanding the circle esteem you indicated for the Thread Group. For instance, if youAdd one HTTP Request to a Loop Controller with a circle count 50Arrange the Thread Group circle build up to 2Then, at that point, JMeter will send a sum of 50 * 2 = 100 HTTP Requests.This is the guide of this model:Arranging Loop ControllerAdd esteem 50 to Loop Count field as underneath figure. It will make one client solicitation to the web server run it multiple times, notwithstanding the circle esteem =2, you indicated for the Thread Group above.So JMeter will send a sum of 2 * 50 = 100 HTTP Requests.

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