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What is Competitive Programming?

Serious writing computer programs is a psyche sport for taking care of coding issues utilizing calculations and information structure. The members need to compose code under different limitations like memory limits, execution time, the constraint of coding, space, and so on. The champ of cutthroat writing computer programs is announced in light of issues addressed and time spent composing fruitful programming arrangements.

Nonetheless, it additionally incorporates different elements like the nature of the result delivered, execution time, program size, and so forth.

Advantages of Competitive Programming

Here are the advantages of serious programming:

Serious programming assists you with working on your coherent and insightful abilities

It works on your algorithmic information.

It is a superb expansion of your CV.

Work on your organization of companions who are additionally energetic about programming

It is upheld by undeniably popular associations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and others.

History of cutthroat programming

In the serious program world, the most seasoned challenge is ACM-ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest ). It was started during the 1970s and has developed to traverse 88 nations.

Interest in programming difficulties has become widespread after 2000. It was conceivable because of the development of the Internet. It permits coding challenge destinations to hold global challenges on the web.

Next in this Competitive programming instructional exercise, we will find out about abilities expected for serious programming test.

How to begin?

Here, are a few helpful hints that you ought to be aware of prior to getting everything rolling with Competitive programming:

You should choose a programming language that you are generally OK with

Join any web-based coding challenge site and begin taking care of their training issues

You really want to find out about Data Structures that are fundamental to addressing complex coding issues.

You really want to figure out the idea of intricacy in programs.

Learn significant programming designs like recursion, Dynamic Programming, and so forth.

Top Competitive Programming Sites

Here are the best coding practice sites:








Topcoder cutthroat writing computer programs is a broadly famous stage for serious programming. It is one of the most incredible coding practice locales for fledglings that offer a lot of algorithmic difficulties that you can finish on your own utilizing their code proofreader device. The Topcoder practice site is more qualified for a high level crowd.

Competitive programming is a challenging yet rewarding discipline that combines problem-solving and coding skills to solve complex algorithmic and mathematical challenges. It's not just for experts; beginners can also embark on this journey and gradually hone their coding abilities. In this guide, we'll explore what competitive programming is, its benefits, and how beginners can get started.

What is Competitive Programming?

Competitive programming is a mind sport where participants, known as competitive programmers, solve well-defined computational problems within a specified time limit. These problems often require creative thinking, strong coding skills, and efficient algorithms to produce correct and optimized solutions. Competitive programming is popular among students, coding enthusiasts, and professionals in the tech industry.

Benefits of Competitive Programming

1.     Problem-Solving Skills: Competitive programming challenges you to tackle complex problems and devise efficient algorithms, enhancing your problem-solving abilities.

2.     Algorithmic Thinking: It encourages you to think critically and design algorithms that optimize both time and space complexities.

3.     Coding Proficiency: Regular practice improves your coding skills, making you more proficient in programming languages.

4.     Logical Thinking: Competitive programming hones your logical reasoning, enabling you to break down problems into smaller, solvable components.

5.     Competitive Edge: It enhances your employability, as companies value candidates with strong problem-solving and coding skills.

6.     Mental Agility: Timed contests improve your ability to think under pressure and manage your time effectively.

Getting Started with Competitive Programming

If you're a beginner interested in competitive programming, here are steps to kickstart your journey:

1. Learn a Programming Language:

Start with a programming language you're comfortable with, such as Python, C++, or Java. C++ is a popular choice among competitive programmers due to its speed and extensive standard template library (STL).

2. Understand Data Structures and Algorithms:

Familiarize yourself with essential data structures (arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, etc.) and algorithms (sorting, searching, dynamic programming, etc.). Online tutorials, textbooks, and coding courses can help.

3. Choose an Online Platform:

Participate in coding competitions on online platforms like Codeforces, HackerRank, CodeChef, LeetCode, and AtCoder. These platforms offer a variety of problems, from beginner to advanced levels.

4. Start with Easy Problems:

Begin with easy problems to build your confidence. Understand problem statements, sample inputs/outputs, and constraints.

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5. Practice Regularly:

Consistent practice is key to improvement. Solve problems regularly and challenge yourself with problems that are slightly above your current skill level.

6. Learn from Others:

Analyze solutions by experienced programmers. Reading others' code can offer insights into different approaches and coding styles.

7. Participate in Contests:

Join online coding contests and virtual competitions. Contests are an excellent way to apply your skills and measure your progress.

8. Time Management:

In contests, time is limited. Practice time management to ensure you complete tasks within the given time frame.

9. Read Editorials:

After a contest, read editorials or solutions provided by others. Understand alternative approaches and learn from your mistakes.

10. Build a Portfolio:

Maintain a portfolio of your solutions on platforms like GitHub. Showcase your coding skills to potential employers.


Coderbyte offers in excess of 200 different sorts of serious programming questions and coding difficulties which you can tackle in a web-based manager utilizing 10 different programming dialects. It is one of the most amazing serious programming destinations that give official arrangements and in excess of 800,000 client-made arrangements.


Codewars offer a broad assortment of coding difficulties. You can present your difficulties which will be altered by the local area. It permits you to tackle these difficulties internet utilizing their proofreader of 20+ programming dialects.


CodeChef offers many cutthroat programming difficulties. It is one of the most outstanding websites for serious programming that permits you to compose code in their web-based proofreader and view an assortment of difficulties. The coding issues are isolated into various classifications in view of your expertise level.


Codeforces is a Russian-based cutthroat programming course site. It routinely has coding challenges where serious software engineers from everywhere over the world.

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HackerEarth offers venture programming arrangements. It is one of the most mind-blowing coding challenge sites that help organizations or individuals with their development of the board and specialized enlistment needs. HackerEarth Coding stage for novices has directed 10,000+ games programming difficulties to date.

Best Practices for Competitive Coding tests

Despite the fact that there is no proper rule, still, a few prescribed procedures for Competitive programming that you ought to follow are:

Attempt to learn new and effective calculations and execute them when required.

Foster decent information on information structures like records, trees, and diagrams

Peruse the protection data from the serious programming site and get in touch with them before information exchange.

You ought to choose an issue for which you can track down an answer and conceivably a clarification of those arrangements.

Compose experiments for the issue and test your rationale utilizing those experiments prior to submitting.

You want to keep up with pre-composed layouts for Standard calculations, important headers, capabilities, and so on.

Use capabilities/techniques and limit reiteration of code.

Test your code for the most pessimistic scenario and attempt to sort out the best answer for this present circumstance

Downsides of serious programming

Runtime Errors on issues with terrible sources of info are hard to investigate.

You are so used to little rewards and transient objectives. In actuality, when you work on any venture, it generally requires two-three months before you get the compensation for the task you're dealing with

You will probably become an expert at coding, yet you won't have the foggiest idea about any structures (significant for genuine activities)

The time has come consuming and more monotonous to take an interest, and you really want to over and again do it.


Serious writing computer programs is taking care of coding issues utilizing calculation and information structure.

Coding challenges assist you with working on your intelligent and insightful abilities.

ICPC was started during the 1970s and has developed to traverse 88 nations.

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Calculation Skills, Basic Math Skills, Programming Skills, and Typing Speed Skills are expected in the cutthroat Programming Exams.

It's vital that you select a programming language that you are generally OK with

The most well-known Competitive Programming Websites are: 1)TopCoder 2) Coderbyte 3) Codewars 4) CodeChef 5) Codeforce 6) HackerEarth.

A typical legend beginning cutthroat programming is past the point of no return. In any case, actually, there is no decent age for it.

Foster decent information on information structures like records, trees, and diagrams is a decent best practice for serious coding tests.

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